MIRACLE-A7 key cutting machine shows half on the screen(fixed)

I just bought a Korea MIRACLE-A7 key cutting machine, but it only shows half on the screen. Then I contact the technician, and here is the solution provided.

1.MIRACLE-A7 key cutting machine only shows half on the screen.
To charge this key cutting machine for one hour, the screen turned normal.
MIRACLE-A7 key cutting machine MIRACLE-A7 key cutting machine
2.I installed the software in the computer, but it cannot be connected.
3.The battery shows 0% after one-hour charge, the device beeped and the screen flashed from time to time.
4.I turned off MIRACLE-A7 key cutting machine and stared it. The screen displayed half again.

I sent the DC mark to the technician and then was told to learn how to charge the key cutting machine
(video guide: https://youtu.be/apUdQJ8rnFA )

Then try to turn on Korea MIRACLE-A7 key cutting machine with external power supply to check whether the screen is normal or not.
MIRACLE-A7 key cutting machine
Switch-on means the key cutting machine uses the power in the battery. If you always make the switch on, then you use the power in the battery, which may cause the battery unavailable.
Switch-off means the key cutting machine works with power supply.

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