BMW Creator C310 OBD2 code reader Questions and Answers

BMW Creator C310 is a simple plug-and-play OBD2 code scanner that will meet the demand of DIYers. Following are the FAQs (frequently asked questions) gathered to know better C310 scan tool. .
BMW Creator C310 code reader

Q1: What’s the difference between C310 code scanner and BMW INPA K+Can?
A1: C310 code reader is plug-and-play code reader and will do everything a DIYer needs.
INPA is BMW own factory software takes a bit of time to setup but is more in-depth and allows you to change setting in the ECUs. But if you don’t know what your doing you can end up with a car that wont work any more but on the plus side it can tell you a lot more about fault codes.

Q2: I am driving an E36 convertible 1999, I plug in the C310 scanner to the under dash port and ran the SRS Airbag diagnostic but I keep getting a communication error.
A2: For BMW model from 1997-2000, you need an additional 20-pin to 16-pin extension diagnostic connector plugged to under-hood port.
BMW Creator C310 code reader
Q3: What’s the difference between BMW scanner C100, C110 and C310?
A3: C310, C110 and C100 scanner are built with different software and hardware, C310 support newer BMW and oil reset, C110 and C100 can not. The standard BMW Creator C110 scanner is ideal, has never failed to do anything I have needed it to do. Yes the C310 is the newer one but with the C110 at half the price and being fully compatible with everything from 1997 – 2008 it’s a no brainer really.

Q4: The manual confirm the C310 OBD2 code reader will reset airbag SRS, but mine did not.
A4: Yes, it does, but not for all BMW models, some models it works.

Q5: How to update the Creator C310 multi-system scan tool?
A5: C310 scanner software can be updated online for free. We will provide free software download link and just install the update tool to run an upgrade.

C310+ Lifetime Free Update & Upgrade Steps

Step 1: Go to the official website to download the latest upgrade data package ( After the download is complete, unzip and save to get a BIN file.You need to remember the save location.

Step 2: Connect the device to the PC via a USB cable

Step 3: Run the upgrade software on the PC, click the [UPDATE] button, select the BIN file just downloaded, and then click [OK] to wait for the upgrade to complete


Q6: Does it come with use manual? How can I find the oil reset function?
A6: Yes, the package comes with a manual book. You can check obdii365 webpage “Technical Support” column as well.

Q7: I tried to hook up the hand-held C310 scanner to my 2014 535D, it reported a communication error, what’s the problem?
A7: Sorry, C310 scan tool can only do BMW 1, 3, 5,6, 7, X, Z mini series from 1997-2013.

Q8: Does the C310 unit do component testing like the C110?
A8: Sorry, both C310 and C110 can not support component testing function now.

Q9: I looking to purchase a Creator C310 scanner. Is the scanner pre loaded with English language as default?
A9: Yes, the default language is English, but there is German language for you to choose from.

Q10: Hello, does this tool scan the ABS/DSC system and reset the air bag?
A10:Yes, C3120 will reset ABS/DSC/service reminder etc, but for airbag resetting, some models will work.

Q11:Can I register a new battery with this scanner?

A11: No, C310 does not have this function.

Q12:Does the software work for Apple?

A12:  No, it does not.

Q13:Can I use it for my 97 bmw 528i ?

A13: Yes.

Q14: what is the difference between the C110 and the C310 ?

A14:C310 is upgrade level than C110, C310 support Clear adaptation and Engine oil reset which C110 not support.

Q15: Do you know if this can reset the transmission?

A15:  Yes, it can.