GDS V2.14 VCI firmware V2.14 for Hyundai/Kia till 2015

Hyundai and Kia GDS (Global Diagnostic System) diagnostic software has just upgrade to V2.14 with the new VCI firmware V2.14 support. Both GDS VCI software and firmware can be updated to v2.14.

Software version: GDS V2.14
Firmware version: VCI V2.14
New firmware needed for work with new 2015 year Hyundai & Kia cars.
The new GDS V2.14 software can work with GDS VCI OEM diagnostic tool and GDS VCI red/blue with trigger module (Fright Record)

Operating system: Duel O/S Win XP and Win 7
Language: English

GDS VCI 2.14 support Hyundai & Kia cars list

How to update Hyundai GSD software to V2.14?

You need to purchase the GDS VCI V2.14 500GB SATA format software HDD and install it on SATA laptop.
V2.14 GDS only comes with SATA HDD, do not have CD software.
The HDD comes with both Hyundai GDS V2.14 and Kia GDS V2.14 software, you can exchange between them when the HDD is well installed.

How to update Hyundai VCI firmware (V2.10, V2.12) to V2.14?

1) Open “GDS Modification” on the desktop, set the computer date/time to 2015-5-1.
GDS VCI firmware for Hyundai/Kia
2) Open “GDS” software on the desktop
GDS VCI firmware for Hyundai/Kia
3) Click on “Configuration” tab
GDS VCI firmware for Hyundai/Kia
4) Check the old VCI firmware version and click on “VCI Firmware Update” button
GDS VCI firmware for Hyundai/Kia
5) The VCI firmware update to latest V2.14.
GDS VCI firmware for Hyundai/Kia
6) Test and diagnose Hyundai or Kia.
GDS VCI firmware for Hyundai/Kia
Customer Review:
I have a clone (China) VCI for Hyundai & KIA GDS. It works perfectly with all the systems and full functionally include ECU upgrade.
It’s firmware is: 2.14.

How to install Hyundai and Kia GDS VCI V15 software