WinOLS V1.500 unlock software installation for Beginners

WinOLS is new Windows based program, which is written especially to modify the memory contents of ECUs. All data and maps are stored in project files which hold all information (such as customer name, car number, and image files) obtained in the course of processing of a given controller. It is good interpreter for ECU programmers.

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Pre-installation notice:

Operating system: Windows XP O/S
Disconnect any anti-virus software on your computer
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WinOLS Version 1.500 with Unlock Patch Install video

1) Install WinOLS V1.500 setup
Open winols 15.00 folder
Open and install setup-winols 1.500
WinOLS V1.500 software install
Save file to Local Disk C://
WinOLS V1.500 software install

2) Install WinOLS 1.500 crack
Extract WinOLS crack on the desktop
WinOLS V1.500 software install
Open crack folder on the desktop
WinOLS V1.500 software install
Copy all file in the crack folder
Right Click WinOLS 1.500 setup shortcut>>Find Target, and then paste all files in crack folder here
WinOLS V1.500 software install

3) Install Loader REG.exe
Open Loader REG.exe on the folder
Accept the security key require notice
Copy and paste the name and key on key.txt to the Enter Key windows. Key is valid and has been stored
WinOLS V1.500 software install

4) Install Loader OLS.exe

Open Loader OLS.exe
Follow the system prompt to install the loader
Delete WinOLS 15.00 setup and REG crack folder on the desktop
Cut and paste Loader OLS to desktop
Open Loader OLS shortcut on the desktop
WinOLS V1.500 software install
Start using WinOLS software
WinOLS V1.500 software install