What V9.30.002 MINI VCI for Toyota TIS Techstream can do?

I purchased:
MINI VCI Toyota TIS Techstream cable the latest version V9.30.002 from obd365 for US$ 29.99 without shipping fee.

How to use:
For the MINI VCI software installation part, I followed by the tutorial video
Mini Vci Toyota Techstream 9.30.002 installation video

Then I referred the blog of how to run the mini vci cable on Windows 7 64 bit operating system
How to run MINI VCI for TOYOTA TIS Techstream 8.x on Windows 7/8 64-bit
mini vci
What MINI VCI did:

–Remove the seat belt reminder
–Reset my transmission adapted memory after a transmission rebuilt
–Test and read live streaming data, e.g transmission temperature (down to 99.5)
— reset steering angle sensor to get rid of annoying 10 degree off centered wheel.
–Run vehicle health test
–Reset ABS and airbag light
–Turn off the wipe because delay 3s by using windshield washer
–One push remote to turn on unlock door
–Adjust interior light delays and headlight off.
–Adjust Throttle position sensor

For other functions I have not test yet and I could not comment on them. What are your experiences with MINI VCI cable?