How to enable Coding Programming in BMW ICOM ISTA-D


Here is the customer solution to enable coding or programming in BMW ICOM A2 software ISTA/D.   I add the following to: C:\Program Files (x86)\BMW\ISPI\TRIC\ISTA\TesterGUI\bin\Release\ISTAGUI.exe.config <!– Enable Programming –> <add key=”BMW.Rheingold.Programming.Enabled” value=”true” /> <add key=”BMW.Rheingold.Programming.ExpertMode” value=”false” /> <add key=”BMW.Rheingold.Programming.CoapiBase.UseAIF” value=”true”… Continue Reading

Free download BMW E-sys v3.22.5 v3.26.1 v3.27.1


Here, you can free download different versions of BMW F-series characteristic coding software including E-sys v3.22.5, Esys 3.26.1, and E SYS v3.27.1.   Where to free download E-sys program? (newest) E-sys 3.27.1!E1YzzSxQ!DRr7BE8YL7GWEX8YqBbH9g (unknown secirity) E sys 3.26.1!Z5dgGZRC!uovkspjgtekOvk9tzrhnxUQUQ8hLIF26YDxwSo1740c (safe)… Continue Reading