How to install BMW ISTA+ for Diagnostic & Programming


BMW ISTA+ download: Free version: Go to BMW forums and download ista+ for free BMW forums such as bimmerfest, bimmerpost,bimmerforums, bimmerboard etc   etc.   Here list a link for you to have a try:!5pIW1DyY!jYoL2TxwI1WyWfuudfN4nA (unknown security) BMW_ISPI_ISTA-P_DAT_3.63.0.400.istap BMW_ISPI_ISTA-P_SYS_3.63.0.400.exe   Tested… Continue Reading

Audi A3 2016 MQB Mileage Correction with obdstar X300M


Audi A3 year 2016 MQB mileage correction with obdstar X300M odometer correction tool step-by-step procedure. Old value 400KM Audi A3 MQB key. Enter option “Vehicles” Select “Mileage adjustment” Select “Audi”, then “Audi V31.55”, then loading…Initializing…Authorizing… Select “A3” Select “MQB 2014.06… Continue Reading