Free Download Honda HDS 3.015.012

[June 2023] New version Honda HDS (Honda Diagnostic System) software version 3.105.012 download free, no password.


The i-HDS software is full of functions and features all while giving the user a layout somewhat familiar to the legacy HDS software. i-HDS supports vehicle models starting from the 2017 model year, for all Full Model Changes and new models.


Honda HDS 3.015.012 + iHDS +J2534 ECU Rewrite [2023.06] 

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HDS 3.015.012

iHDS 1.008.005

J2534 Rewrite

Immobilizer Setup Tool

Honda Hds 3 105 012 Software Honda Ihds 1

Language: English

Year/Release Date: 06.2023

Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10


Support diagnostic interface: vxdiag vcx se series, vcx plus/vcx doip series, Super ICOM Pro N3 J2534, godiag j2534, mongoose pro etc

Honda HIM double board has not been tested.

i-HDS support J2534 passthru devices, Other devices are free to test by your side.




How to Install Honda HDS 3.105 software?

1. Install HDS setup

2. Install iHDS setup

3. Install J2534 Rewrite setup

4. Install ImmobilizerSetup Tool

5. Install device driver

6. Run iHDS


How to Install Honda HDS 3.105 with Godiag J2534?

How to Install Honda HDS 3.105 with Honda HIM?

How to use Super ICOM Pro N3+ with Honda HDS 3.105?