PCMTuner Failed to Read Toyota Denso ECU via OBD Solution

Here comes the solution to pcmtuner ecu programmer failed to read Toyota denso ECUs via OBD.

Pcmtuner Toyota Rav4 Ecu 1

Pcmtuner Toyota Rav4 Ecu 2


It won’t read via OBD. It’s a VR read. You can only identify and write.

Pcm tuner will read ID of the ECU,  try module 35 for ID or maybe gen2 hilux then module 46 for ID*.

Note the HW and SW numbers. Log on to VZ performance, click search, enter either number in search box, press enter twice.

You then obtain original file using the ID information, modify the file and write to ECU.


Where to get original files?

Login your vz-performance account, just use search.

Check: How to download files from vz-performance account? 

Toyota Vr File Toyota Vr File 2

All toyota VR files you just have to looking for stock file to work with also don’t worry from files in pcm if software number and password not matched with your id pcmflash will not write file.


The “read dtc – clear dtc” button is used to read fault codes…clear fault codes. Just like obd scan tool.

“initialization” button=  initializing the ECU after reprogramming, like a reboot.


*Module 35

The package consists of three modules, which differ in the type of connection with the blocks.

  • 6F0038/39/40/70/85, MPC565, SH72512 CAN-bus – for operation via CAN bus
  • 76F0004/23/38/39/40, MPC565 K-Line – for K-Line operation
  • 76F0004/23/38/39/40 K-Line JDM – for K-Line operation for the Japanese market.

Module 46

The package consists of the following modules:

  • 76F0196/198/199/219 CAN bus
  • 76F0196/198/199/219 P5-CAN-bus
  • 76F0199 GearBox P5-CAN-bus