How to Update PCMTuner Software?

How to update pcm tuner? This is the most frequently asked question. Here’s the final explanation and solution.
PCMTuner software contains two parts:
  • PCMTuner to check wiring diagram and instructions
  • PCMFlash to read/write ECUs
Pcmtuner software can be updated online continuously.
Software program will show you an Update available when a new version comes out.
For example pcmtuner update to V1.2.2 on April 12th, 2022. This update fix the network connection bug in the French area. This is a required update.
Enable network connection. Press OK to begin updating the application. 
Pcmtuner V1 22

How to Update PCMFlash software?

PCM-Flash software update is done thru buying a new USB dongle when the new version comes out.

Current version 1.20.

Pcmtuner Dongle

If pcmflash asks to update to v1.2.5.

DON’T UPDATE pcmflash software to v1.2.5 or higher online.  Update by dongle ONLY.