How to Install PCMTuner 1.21 Software & Driver on Win10?

Here is the instruction to install software and driver for PCMTuner Magic Car Tool ecu chip tuning programmer.


Preparation before installation:

  • Connect the device to the computer with power cable and USB cable, and plug the smart lock dongle into the computer, like what I show you here.

Install Pcmtuner 1 Install Pcmtuner 2

2. Close all anti-virus software and firewall on the computer (the system firewall should also be closed. According to the system and software, Google how to close it

If install on Win10 system, disable real-time protection, cloud-delivered protection, automatic sample submission before you start install pcmtuner software.

Pcmtuner Win10 Shut Down Protection

3. Download software

Free download PCMTuner 1.21 software and driver

Or download from the official website:

all new update software will be available there. 

Install Pcmtuner 2

  • unzip the downloaded software check below
  • then you will get 3 files like below

Install Pcmtuner 3

PCMTuner detail info can be found in the previous post:

PCMTuner Update, Activation, Chip List and Review

How to Get PCMTuner Tuner Account to Download VR WinOLS Files?



From Auguest 2022, pcmflash was change to pcmtuner flash program. Download PCMTuner Flash from desktop.

PCMTuner Flash 1.2.7 Download and Activation



How to Install PCMTuner software on Windows 10?

Step 1: Install PCM setup

Download PCMTuner software and driver
Extract PCM-setup.exe
Run PCM_Setup.exe and install application

Install Pcmtuner Software 1
Accept license agreement

Install Pcmtuner Software 2
Select destination location
Select Start menu folder
Tick Create a desktop shortcut
Ready to install
Install setup till Finish

Install Pcmtuner Software 3

Step 2: Install Scanmatic Setup

Installl Scanmatik setup
Accept license agreement
Select destination location
Tick all components to install
Ready to install
Install Scanmatik setup till Finish

Install Pcmtuner Software 4

Install Pcmtuner Software 5

Install Pcmtuner Software 6

Step 3: Install driver

Install Pcmtuner Software 7

Install GrdDrivers.exe
Run PCM Tuner program on deksptop
if software reports error ‘is not a valid value for Int32’

Install Pcmtuner 4

it asks for an activation

Install Pcmtuner Software 9
fill in user information and submit

When register, pls contact tohelp you active it, Monday-Friday will work.


Step 4: Run PCMTuner

Run PCMTuner software again

Installation does not require PCMTuner smart dongle. The dongle is required when operation.

Select ECU or Master Operations

i.e Select ECU operations
select vehicle brand

Install Pcmtuner Software 10

Install Pcmtuner Software 11

Install Pcmtuner Software 12
the software allows users to quick search ECU type

Install Pcmtuner Software 13
and show you operation mode,  instruction and wiring diagram

Install Pcmtuner Software 14

Install Pcmtuner Software 15

Install Pcmtuner Software 16

Install Pcmtuner Software 17

Install Pcmtuner Software 19

Install Pcmtuner Software 20

Install Pcmtuner Software 21