Foxwell NT530 New Updated GM Software Test Report

This article is available with Foxwell NT530 scan tool for newest GM software Test Reports, please update the tool using the FoxAssist program first and then come with me for what’s new it brings us.


Here we go:

I used the FoxAssist program and it found several updates for the NT530 scan tool. It also needed to update the FoxAssist program to version 1.06.002 from 1.04.010.

I updated the scan tool using the updated FoxAssist program. I just connected it to my 2004 SSR and it no longer states there are 96 DTCs present in the Powertrain control module.

It looks like these versions might be working a lot better than the previous versions of the GM software on that scan tool.

Foxwell Nt530 Newest Gm 01


It’s a big step forward for this scan tool since many of the previous versions just didn’t work well (at least on my NT530 and with my 2004 SSR).

Using their “Function” lookup tool on their website, it looks like GM software version 2.00.005 was a version where a lot of things were added/changed as far as special function support.

I haven’t had any time to do any extensive testing of than plugging in the scan tool and having it auto detect the vehicle based on the VIN (that worked). I the DTC scan through the various modules looked similar to what I see on my Autel MaxiSys MS906 scan tool. The NT530 was displaying a 96 (or higher) DTC count for the Powertrain system.

The RDM tests are reported to still be broken in this release from my contact within Foxwell. I hope they’ll get them fixed, but it’s been a few months with them not working correctly/fully.

Other owners of the NT530 should update (when they can) and see what their results are after upgrading the scan tool software.

Foxwell Nt530 Newest Gm 02


I did some additional testing of the Foxwell NT530 scan tool with its latest software modules installed (as noted in a prior post).


The VIN detection works much better than prior releases. It properly detects the VIN and vehicle type. For my 2004 SSR I must then select between Trailblazer EXT and SSR (same is true for my Autel MS906 scan tool).


From the “Main Groups” menu I selected “Quick Scan” where it scans all subsystems and it completed that successfully without presenting incorrect DTC scan counts like it did in previous versions.


-Traction assist (if equipped)

-Body control module

-4WAL 3 sensor :: This is the ABS / EBCM subsystem on the SSR

-Remote function actuation

-Instrument panel cluster

-Radio :: Since I have an aftermarket radio it skips this subsystem

-Amplifier (Bose)

-Driver seat module

-Roof and door module


Roof and door module

I selected this subsystem and then selected the “Active Tests”

I selected the “Passenger window” test

The window started in the fully up position

<F1> key = Up / <F2> = Down / <F3> = Stop

I pressed the NT530 <F2> key and it started to move the window in the downward direction


-The movement was being accomplished by multiple pulses of the window motor

-This was a change implemented in one of the test releases that I obtained from Foxwell

-It does make the window go down, but you must press the <F3> to stop it when it gets to the bottom

-I pressed the <F1> (up) key and it pulsed the window upwards to the top and I then pressed <F3> to stop it.

-When I had used the GM Tech2Win software that emulates the Tech 2 on a Windows machine, the Up/Down requests would be accomplished in one smooth motor operation, not in a pulsed manner.


Powertrain / Live Data / Misfires

-I wanted to see if it would display the misfire data in a timely manner.

-It is sluggish when scrolling down this screen.

-It displayed misfire counts of 0 (zero) for cylinders 1,2,3 and 4, but cylinders 5,6,7 and 8 where blank.

-When I scrolled down to the history counts for 1,2,3,4 they were blank and cylinders 5,6,7,8 has a value of 0 (zero).

-This screen does not appear to be working correctly


My opinion on the readiness of the NT530 with the GM software module for the SSR is “wait for future releases”.

This certainly is far better than the results I had back when I first started this testing, but it’s not where I would say it should be for a reliable scan tool.

Foxwell Nt530 Newest Gm 03


Credits to @ shiftz33 for his nice sharing.


Alright, please update your Foxwell NT530 scanner for GM newest version, so that you will enjoy the newest added features.