Reviews: Cheap and working MB hardware for Xentry

Looking for cheap and working MB hardware for Xentry. I have a w205 and a w207. Vxdiag Benz c6, JLR Mongoose cable, Scanmatic 2 pro, VAS 5054A clone etc will be recommended.

Mercedes car model and year: a w205 and a w207


Looking for: Cheapest MB hardware for Xentry. Since my budget is tight and considering that this is just a hobby of mine, I m not looking to invest to much in something that I’m just going to use a few times.


What MB hardware are tested for Xentry?

  1. Look for Xentry PassThru and will work with your proposed hardware VAS5054.
    However, I have been using VXDiag Mercedes , which is more of VAS5054 clone and does a pretty good job from diagnostic perspective. But I am yet to do a comprehensive flashing job with it.

Benz C6 Xentry 01


  1. I´m using JLR Mongoose cable.


  1. Scanmatic 2 pro works great with Xentry…


  1. I use Xentry with VAS 5054A clone I used several times on W212 C207 W205 W906, it works without problems.

5054a Clone Xentry 02

Procedure + Guide: How to use Xentry with VAS 5054A clone?


  1. Original OPEN PORT 2.0 cheapest and best, for dcan coding and diag


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