Nissan Consult III Plus with Passthru Vas5054a AVDI SVCI Jdiag FVDI J2534 etc

Question before entering:

I want to use my Vas5054a as pass-thru for Nissan Consult III plus. Should I make any modification on the tool? Should I change pin ways? If yes, can somebody explain with pin ends must be change to which ones?


Nissan consult 3+ has been tested ok with several passthru J2534 interfaces, for example



nissan consult iii plus v2
cardaq plus

Bosch KTS

SVCI ING for Nissan


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Nissan Consult III Plus and vas5054a

1. Make adapter as the pinout given.
2. Install passthru Drivers for VAS5054A
3. Edit DiagnosticTool.ini with your VAS5054A serial and put it where is described in picture
4. Open Nissan Consult and use your interface.


How to make Nissan Consult software work with vas5054?

Install the driver for J2534 VAS5054

Connecting VAS5054 custom program Manager to manage devices J2534.

Install the program, as an example, Consult 3 plus v.46.11.00 or fresh.

Append the following lines to the file C:\CONSULT-III_plus\System\Application\ApplicationData\CommonSetting\DiagnosticTool.ini

vi_device_name=VAS5054#(here should be the serial number)


;vi_device_name=PassThru+ XS


and don’t forget about the adapter, according to the scheme below, in order not to burn.For older (before 2000 (approximately) – it will not work!! only for fresh. Just in case – pinout OBD II VAG & Nissan.


For vas5054, pin 8 is empty.
For this reason the ignition key can not detect the position.
You need to replace the vas5054 1-pin peg with the 8-pin peg (shown picture below)

Adapter Needed For Nissan Consult EN


Obd2 Nissan Pinout En

Obd2 Nissan Pinout En

VAS5054A Pinout En

VAS5054A Pinout En

DiagTool Ini Location

DiagTool Ini Location


Nissan Consult+ with VAS5054A.rar




Nissan Consult+ with Openport 2.0

Works with Nissan Consult III+ Plus 51 & 52
Works with Nissan Consult III+ Plus V72.13.00 interface Tactrix
Tested on Vmware win7 ultimate 32 bits.
Naviagte to “C:\CONSULT-III_plus\System\Application\ApplicationData\CommonSetting”replace “DiagnosticTool.ini”

Nissan Consult+ with – OpenPort 2.0.rar

Some test performed on a Maxima 04


CarDAQ-Plus with Consult 3+

Try this. I tried both KTS and Jbox2 (cardaq plus2). Both works. Just change the INI file to the name of exact name of your device. Following is the setting for J-box2. So change the device name to your device name.

vi_device_name=J-box 2

“tab_index=1” seems the key to make jbox2 especially. Another thing is that you don’t need change the name of Jbox2 folder to nissan_VI2. Just copy the name of device (in this case “J-Box 2″) and paste to the vi_device_name in INI file. so it gonna be vi_device_name-J-Box 2”. That is it. At the first time, I changed the name of the folder in regedit, and errors showed. Now, automatically consult3 recognized jbox2 and vin number now. Only DTC and clear codes were detected though so far. I did not dig deeper yet.

Consult III With Car DAQ

DiagnosticTool Cantiecar and



Nissan Consult 3+ with Consult 3 plus VI2

You can either choose original or a OEM clone VI2.

Only tool that works 100% is OEM Consult 3 plus VI2.

consult3 vi2 is the newest-released Nissan diagnostic tool  supporting Nissan up to 2018 year.


Diagnostic: confirmed!

ECU programming: confirmed! ECU Programming without card

Key programming: confirmed! able to program new smart keys with a immo card


I tested successfully it can calculate pin code for key programming, it can also make key but need to get one additional Nissan Consult-3 Plus Security Card, otherwise the button “Immobilizer key” is gray color and is unavailable, the Security Card is expensive to me, so I didn’t order one, but borrow one from my friends and use together with consult3 plus. Also I borrow one GTR card to work together with consult3 plus and successfully diagnose, ECU program and immobilizer program for Nissan GTR cars.


How to set up Nissan Consult3 plus v75 software with VI2?

Search our blog for more information about OEM consult3+ software and technical support.



Nissan Consult 3+ with Bosch KTS


C:\CONSULT-III_plus\System\Application\ApplicationData\Common Setting\DiagnosticTool.ini


vi_device_name=KTS PassThruXXX [mode]



Nissan Consult 3+ with FVDI J2534 (SVCI J2534)


You need modify “DiagnosticTool.ini”

Try with this:







Note: if it gives you “Connections failure to VI
Touch show detail and confirm the detail”


That is,

the “vi_device_name” is not correct, I was have the same problem with vas5054 and actia xs as passthru.

You need check your correct device name, It’s very important because consult need’s “call” your device driver.

Try on device properties to search the device name.



Nissan Consult 3 plus with SVCI ING for Nissan

SVCI ING is a new j2534 passthru interface specially designed for Nissan diagnosis and programming.

The J2534 comes with built security card and GTR card. It runs faster than the clone consult3+ interface.

Support all the INFINITI/NISSAN/GTR models(1996MY up to now) diagnostic,immobilizer and programming functions

Supports both USB and Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

Don’t require special setting when using Nissan software with this svci.  Device comes with mobile android software and Windows software, just install and run.

Svci Nissan J2534 1

Svci Nissan J2534 2

SVCI ING vs. OEM Nissan Consult3 PLUS

Svci Nissan J2534 3



Nissan Consult 3 with AVDI Abrites 

C:\CONSULT-III_plus\System\Application\ApplicationData\Common Setting\DiagnosticTool.ini

dan enderen:

vi_device_name=AVDI-PT XXXXX – (nummer AVDI )
tab_index=3                   (neummer von comport)



Nissan Consult 3+ with Jdiag 

Jdiag is a universal programmer that compatible with Land Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Toyota, GM, Ford and other cars’ software for OEM diagnostics;
can support hundreds of models of dozens car brands from imports/joint ventures for diagnostic, fast and intelligent.

Don’t require special setting.

But the interface is expensive if only use it with Nissan software.

Check: How to get Nissan Consult3 Software to Work with Jdiag Elite J2534