Remove Audi Component Protection by VVDI2, FVDI, ODIS or VCP

Some parts of the modules build in the VAG vehicles, implement the so called “component protection”.
This is a mechanism dedicated to prevent exchange of modules between different vehicles without central authorization from the VAG online database. Such modules placed in another vehicle activates the “component protection active” DTC.


Which tool allow to remove Audi component protection?

Xhorse VVDI2





Xhorse VVDI2

Vvdi2 do this really and works. 

VVDI2 Component Protection Function allows to reset used module to virgin state and adapt it for other cars

This functions allows customer to adapt used parts on other cars.
Generally requires 2 steps:
1.Reset the module to virgin state
2. Adapte the module to other car.
Vvdi2 Component Protection
Vehicle compatible:

Generation 1: Audi A8 (2003-2010) modules, Audi A6/Q7/Allroad (2004-2008) part modules

Generation 2: All other models of A6/Q7/Allroad and A4/A5/Q5 modules.


You need dump from both gateway module from the car you work on and car you get clima unit.
More easy, open your old clima, and change the eeprom.
Read eeprom 95320 in Gateway, and load dump eeprom dump and reset CP. Easy

VVDI2 Remove Component Protection Manual 



AVDI or  FVDI Abrites Commander

Need luck. No all FVDI clone can do CP removal.

Can be done with china fvdi full with v18 software.

I have done remove component protection audi a6 c6 with fvdi 2014.
Fvdi 2014 abrites commander did the job perfect, BUT you need the dump from gateway from donor car and the car wanted to install the module to.
FVDI can remove component protection but not for all units-ecus of vag cars after 2009.

Only the full version can remove CP.


Check detail guide:

How to Virgin Audi A4 Instrument Cluster with FVDI 2018




ODIS COMPONENT PROTECTION is your best option. That is, you can enable or disable component protection with any tool working perfectly with ODIS software. As for personal use, we are not taking about things are the genuine or copy, but looking for the most cost-effective and working way to do something and save a lot. ODIS crack but tested version should work but you have to buy the online account (user name and password) yourself. Also, vendors will advise tool confirmed to work with ODIS crack they have, usually VXDIAG VCX NANO, VAS5054A, VAS 6154 and the like.

ODIS offline or online to remove CP?

a.  Done via online. Get a cheap 5054a clone and purchase one time online account service.

b. Use ODIS engineering mode to flash the dash. No online needed.

Check step-by-step guide to remove component protection with ODIS

ODIS enables/disables VW/Audi component protection



Component Protection Removal through VCP?  Need luck. Some made it and most of them failed.

It can be done using a VCP cable, you can copy the old CP from the headunit and squirt it into the new one – 3G > 3G+, not 2G to 3G.

HOW- TO: Copy component protection from one MMI unit to another using VCP Cable

1. Obtain the parts needed to do the swap, you will need the MMI unit and Control Panel. Do your research, make sure you get what you need to fit your car.  Keep your old unit installed until you read the EEPROM.

2. Order a VCP cable. I used a knockoff, it worked for this procedure. Really cheap here at the moment ->

3. Install VCP software on your laptop, make sure it is working. Connect to OBD port in your car. You want to connect to module 5F for this. On main screen under ECU’s click the “more…” button. On the next screen click the “Infotainment” tab. Finally, click the “[5F] MMI 3G” button. See screenshots.

Vag Can Pro Remove Cp 1

Vag Can Pro Remove Cp 2

4. In the next window click “CONNECT” to connect to the module. Once successfully connected under “Advanced Functions” click the “FLASHER” button. Note: It may have a different name depending on version of software. See screenshot.

Vag Can Pro Remove Cp 3

5. You should now see a window like below. Screenshot is a little low quality but all I could find as I no longer have my car to connect to. There won’t be any data in it until you read it. This is just to show you what the layout looks like.

Vag Can Pro Remove Cp 4

6. In that window you are going to want to fill out the following fields(just under the toolbar working from the left) as follows:

Login: 21055 or 20103(can’t remember which one I ended up using, if one doesn’t work try the other) click the key icon, you should see “login ok” down at the bottom in the status bar.
Address: 4096
Length: 8192

In the pulldown at the end of the row, choose “engineer mode”

7. Once you have those fields filled out click the little button that looks like a “play” button, you should should data start to fill up. Once it finishes, make sure you save the file for future use as this is where you will get your component protection data.

8. Here’s a youtube video I found which shows the procedure on a different module but should give you a better visual ->

9. Double check to make sure you have file saved in a safe place on your hard drive. Maybe make a backup as well. Can’t hurt and will save you from swapping parts more than once.

10. Remove your old MMI unit and control panel. Install new parts. Before you remove your old stuff I HIGHLY recommend taking screenshots of all the options in the green menu so you can reproduce your setup on the new MMI. There’s a lot in there.

11. Repeat steps 3-9, making sure you use a different name for the eeprom dump, also make sure you know which is which. 🙂

12. Download a hex editor of your choice. Any one will work.

13. Open the file you saved from your original old MMI unit in the hex editor. You should see something like below.

Vag Can Pro Remove Cp 5

14. Scroll down to offset 00000640. Highlight from there until the end of the line at 00000770(basically 0000077F is the end.) It’s easy to see as there is no data before or after. Right-click and select copy. You can paste it into a new file and save that somewhere if you want. That way you will have the component protection saved somewhere on it’s own. See screenshot to see what you should be highlighting.

Vag Can Pro Remove Cp 6

15. Close the original file. Open the file you saved from the new unit. Highlight the same section as you did above, right click and select paste insert or paste write(assuming you are using HxD). Make sure it overwrote the data and didn’t insert it. It should warn you if you did it wrong saying the file size will be changed, you don’t want to see that error.

16. If you have successfully copied in the date, save the file preferably under a new name so you can compare the original dump with the edit and make sure only the component protection portion has changed. WARNING: Double, triple check, whatever you are comfortable with. If you write the wrong data back to the eeprom you could brick the unit.

17. You are now ready to write the file back to the eeprom in the car. Repeat steps 3-9 but in step 7, click the open button and select the new file you just made above. Then instead of clicking the “Play” button click the RED button next to it.

18. It should start writing the data to the eeprom if you did everything correctly.

19. Once finished reboot the MMI using the three finger salute. Once it reboots, everything should work normally but with a nice new updated user interface.

20. Crack a beer and enjoy some tunes on your new MMI, preferably streamed over bluetooth as you should now be able to do that.

Credit to for the VCP tutorial.