Cummins Insite 8.5.2 with Keygen Free Download, Setup, Activation

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The file is clean but some virus scanner will flag it.

Update to Cummins Insite 8.5.2 only enjoy!!!!

Cummins Insite V852 1

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How to Install Insite 8.5.2?
1. First unzip 8.5 and run “admininstall” as admin.’ Once Install go to Step 2.

2 Use “Cummins Update Manager and upgrade 8.5 to 8.5.2 ( that means do all update First to 8.5.1 then to 8.5.2)



How to activate Insite 8.5.2?
This method use a sideloader just like 8.3 so will need run 8.5.2 in Simulation mode.

Put the Sideloader folder on your C: Drive

Next go into the folder and you will see “Cummins Insite 8.5.2” Create a destop shortcut to your desktop

Next go to Keygen folder and navigate to folder “EXE” inside that folder you wiil see WLGEN run it

Next double click on your shortcut desktop icon for the Insite 8.5.2 that you made you it will show HWID don’t worry you don’t need to write it down it
will auto copy the hwid

Go back to the WLGEN tool and click on License Manager and then click ” Add License ” Put any Customer name you want  next click Hardware ID and right click to paste the
Hardware ID into the spot.

Make sure set a Date of Experiation or else the sideloder will not work

Next click save then to Create License Key Now go look into the folder that is just made and copy the registery.dat file

Place that file into the sideloader Folder on the C drive that has Cummins 8.5.2 sideloader

Now go back to your desktop and launch 8.5.2 shortcut > I will repeat if ask you click on the simulation



For the Folks don’t know to use the program

This work’s like 8.3  so the zapit and fleet counts are built into the side loader you don’t need no key’s
Only way the zapit will work or show up is to be connected to the ECM. Once connected to a lock ecm it will show up after a few minutes…


Update on 03/31/2020:
For those of you are having problem doing the updates of the folder, the solution is easy.

Run update manger as admin
Then drop the box down to “browse”
Then do the update folder in order
Then 8.5.2


Cummins INSITE Software with Patch:



With patch.


Cummins INSITE Software installation on win7:

OS: win7 32

Language: multi-lingual


Cummins INSITE is compatible with INLINE 6, INLINE 7, DPA5, NEXIQ, NEXIQ2.

Please watch video on how to install Cummins Insite for nexiq:

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