Toyota TIS Techstream: Software Version & Required OBDII Reader

Best I can tell the only XHorse interface firmware version that I used that worked with it is mini vci cable 2.0.4, these are cloned versions of Techstream and the XHorse cable interface, the real Toyota Techstream costs nearly $2000.


Using Techstream 12.30.017 (newest: v14.20.019) with the cheap Mini VCI Cable J25345 over here (Firmware 1.4.1) on a HP-Zbook with Windows 10-64bits prof.
Installed it using the 64bit for Windows 7/8 instructions previously mentioned and on



You can actually check all stages of the installation without connecting to the car:
First make sure to follow the unpacking/copying instructions in the 64-bit installation instructions before plugging in the cable in the USB port. When installed correctly you should be able to run the firmware update tool to check the firmware. Just do NOT update, only use it to see if the cable is recognized and reports back its firmware version + “connected” status.
If this is OK then at least your interface should be installed correctly, showing a red LED in the process.

Then install Techstream and apply the registry fixes (either manually or by the downloadable registry mod file), also previously mentioned. You can also manually point the original Techstream interface entries in the registry (same location) to the same Xhorse files just to be sure. These settings point Techstream to the correct location of the XHorse driver used for the MVCI Cable.
Also do not forget the TISFUNCTION=0 modification in the IT3System.ini file. If you get “unable to connect to MCI” when connecting to a vehicle most likely these registry settings are not fully correct.

When you now start Techstream with the TSloader make sure the correct interface is selectable (not grayed out) and selected, otherwise re-check the previous setting. Then just connect to vehicle (without actually being connected, just have the MVCI cable connected to the USB port) and you should get no errors but Techstream should eventually (after time out…) come up with a window where you can manually select your vehicle code etc etc.
When I then connected to my RAV4 it connected nicely and I could readout my TPMS sensor ID’s which was my main objective. The interface is flashing green during communication with the vehicle.

So be assured: Techstream can work on a Windows-10 64bit Prof. laptop without the need of a virtual machine.