Possible to use VDASH with VOLVO Dice for CEM cracking/PINcodes decoding?

What is VDASH? what can it do?


VDASH is an aftermarket software that can be used for configuration changes with the car. It has exploded on here for the most part due to being able to enable the TFT dim in cars that normally could not (in the US market at least), such as my car (2013). It also enables other configuration changes such as remote start and changes to the temp of the seat heaters.

Some of these things can be done without VDASH via VIDA (seat heater temps) or a dealer (remote start). Others like the TFT DIM enable cannot (for certain cars).

You will need a DICE unit and use VDASH to crack the CEM code first though


In order to use VDash program with DICE, should I install a driver in windows? Or should I install first Vida?

After launching VDASH first time it should automatically detect that there are no VIDA drivers present and it will bring you to standalone VIDA drivers.


How to use VDASH on DICE unit for CEM cracking?


The car has to be in ignition II.

You should have the car in ignition mode II/2 (no foot on brake, hold the starter for about 2 seconds, everything comes on), plug in the dice so it can start up, then plug it into the PC. I recommend trying VIDA only to verify the DICE works. I was able to verify mine does not read the LS can for some reason after both VDASH and VIDA had the same issue. If you cannot get VIDA to read the car it would indicate an issue with your DICE unit .


Also, make sure that your battery charger is powerful enough. From my experience, a simple battery tender will not be enough. I had to use my big charger to go through long cracking sessions.


This is how I did it.

1. Got a 22Amp battery charger.
2. Got an ethernet cable to the car.
3. Connected the battery charger to the power grid.
4. Connected the battery charger to the car.
5. Started the car. So it runs.
6. Connected ethernet cable to laptop.
7. Started the laptop.
8. Connected the DiCE cable to the car and to the laptop.
9. Started VDASH
10. Clicked on the Decode CEM button.
11. The process started, VDASH made the car click few times and powered the car down.
12. Initially the process is fast. Like the first 20%, then it got slow.
13. 5 hours later CEM cracked.
14. Laptop used was really old HP 9470m Folio. Having stable internet plays a bigger role in the decoding speed.
15. You can stop the decoding at any time and it will continue from where you stopped it. Don;t worry that VDASH starts from 0% again, it will start the brute force of the code from the last combination it tried before.


vdash is decoding the ECM pincode



VIDA links I have:

free VIDA sw


tested VIDA crack


Tip: VIDA program CEM