How to create a VMware image for Volvo Tech Tool

A user (@savanadriver) virtualized his recently bought Volvo Tech tool laptop to help other users who cannot afford installation or laptop .

Copy data here and hope it helps.


About the VM:

The vm was set up to work independently from the host drivers , however, it must install the host

processor drivers for it to run (virtual machines don’t have virtual processors, it must use physical)

This PTT vmware image was virtualised from a laptop with i5 3320m processor, so it has these

drivers installed as a default.


So if you are lucky and your laptop (host) has i5 processor , the VM will load ready activated

(tech tool+devtool).


If you are less lucky and your laptop has a different processor family in your pc , it will load but

Tech tool and devtool will be de-activated !


Re-activating techtool is easy using the old activator (instruction will be given if needed) but devtool

can’t be activated unless it was given a new “regkey.dat” file using the new devtool keygen, I don’t

have it myself.


I tried it in 3 different laptops that has 3 different operating systems with 3 different i5 processors

models , it loaded ready activated on all .


I also tried on a laptop with intel core duo L2400 , both techtool and devtool did not work , but

managed to re activate techtool using the old 2.6/2.7 activator (available free on the forum)


Adapter connection

To connect your adapter to the vm , first must be connected and recognised by the host ( usb or

Bluetooth connections )


Once the vm is running:

If usb connection go to menu on top: VM – removal devices – select your adapter—click connect.

If Bluetooth connected, find it and pair with it using Bluetooth on the VM.

RAM allocation


4GB RAM allocated as a default , but this must be reduced if your total host RAM limited, otherwise

the VM will struggle to operate and you may get blue screen or reduced performance.

My laptop had 8 GB RAM , and 6 GB available so I allocated 4Gb .

You can check this from task manager—perfomance—available memory .

Ideally you need to allocate up to 75% from the available RAM memory.

For windows 7 64 bit (this vm), 2 GB is good enough.


Tech Tool VMware downlod:!3BdwkCBD!ul5gW7YKJwk1TYeAHddsmg


” The vmware image has some limitations , but it may be a great help for some .

this virtual image is suitable for i5 processsor based laptops . ” said savanadriver.


Many thanks to savanadriver for his great contribution off

For any password required, pls PM savanadriver. cannot get it for you. Sorry!

If you cannot get the password or work good with Tech tool VM, will provide free remote help for you guys with:


Things to remember

Never install “Vmware Tools” , if prompted by the VM click never remind me.

Don’t install any driver on the vm, when you first start the VM it will automatically install and

change only the processor drivers if the host has different processor model.

It has it’s own hard disk controller , so don’t change it.