Cloned VAG CAN PRO + VCP 5.5.1 can flash FRF/SGO and BCM

There is an example of how to flash frf/sgo with VCP 5.5.1 and VAN CAN PRO china clone cable. It works for the BCM as well…



Flashing car’s components can consume a lot of electric power, hence the charger.
Flashed RCD510 firmware a while back. Took more than 2 hours, despite the file being a few MB… Flashed steering rack to modify characteristic curve took only a minute. So better be safe than sorry!


Clone vag can pro or original:

Clone is Version 5.5.1. Genuine is actualy Version 8.x
You are limited with some tasks, but it can be used to flash some cars components for a good price. Has some guided functions, but again, limited…



As for the battery charger, the risk is yours. The Car battery should not drop below 12V when flashing.
Usually, supply 13.6V fixed voltage 10Amps-20Amps to the battery (you have to disable DRLs, radio off, and HVAC off always)


The process: for BCM flash
Basically: Open VCP > Click “More” > “Confort” > “Central Electric” > “Flasher” > “Open File” > Choose “VAS Firmware” and select your file .frf / .sgo > Press “Flash .sgo” > Wait…








Steps in detail to flash frf/sgo with VAG CAN Pro VCP software:


VCP Flash Dumper allows you to create a binary images of .odx, .frf or .sgo Flash files.



The data format (unencrypted / encrypted or uncompressed / compressed) does not change, which means that an encrypted Flash file is also converted to an encrypted binary file.


You can launch this application via Guided Functions (OCF) – APPS – Flash Dumper.



Select a Flash file (1).

Define file type (2) if necessary:

VCP Firmware, VAS Firmware, ASAM Firmware, ODIS Firmware


The contents of the selected Flash file will be displayed in a list (3).


Move (Export; 4) the file to an appropriate location.


It will be stored as a .BIN file and can be edited as necessary.


Hoping you’ll succeed..!

Good luck