How to Program Volvo S60 CEM with VIDA DiCE

Success! You have good luck to program Volvo S60 the year 2002 using VOLVO VIDA software.


After replacement of a failed CEM (central electronics module) on a 2002 Volvo S60, the software needs to be downloaded to the vehicle. This is done through Volvo VIDA software:


You need to buy a subscription from Volvo to gain access to the software files that you need to download, and then reload to the new DIM.


You need to be online. When you get a subscription, you gain access to VIDA but you still need to purchase and download the specific software you are re-loading, in this case, the CEM. It is a very time consuming process, especially if this is the first time you are programming. Lots of reading in their site. Hope this helps.


Here you go. Numerous communication faults found…


…due to a failed CEM


After CEM replacement, software is downloaded to vehicle


Programming a new control module

Programming of codes in progress in central electronic module (CEM)


The keys are manually programmed to the vehicle during the download


The diagnostic trouble codes are erased in all systems


The software has been downloaded into the vehicle

Carry out a pre-delivery check before returning the car to the customer

Note: during certain download sequences, the clock in the car will stop. Check and adjust as needed.

Select OK to finish the download sequence and to close this tab



The software download is complete