(Solved) VAS5054A ODIS 4.3.3 Error ODS9004E

Here are tips and guides of cloned VAS5054A software ODIS Service 4.3.3 Error ODS9004E.


Error message:

odis 4.3.3 error ods9004e

Infrastructure VW online connection. Mirror server 2: cannot connect to mirror server 2.


Solutions: (credits to kmaverick and sunaj )


Run program as ADMIN!
You DON’T need a username and password… but you must point the program to a valid and correct path to your locally stored database.


Check in Program Files\ODIS Service xyz\log for ENGINE.LOG
Might Program Files x86, use brain to locate file

Check if green file exists….
An exception occurred while downloading feature from “file:/C:/ODIS%20DATA/ODIS-Service_update_4_3_3-EU_20180626_YGHLY/Odis/Trade-Retail/software/update/features/odis.main.service_51.0.10.jar

Your path could be too long, so change to short path like C:\PostSetup\ODIS\Trade-Retail with correct folder structure!


Then try a copy of these two main files odis.main.service_51.0.10.jar and 51.0.20:


And also install 540 fine and 550 is only a small update mainly Bentley


Seems the local copy of odis.main.service_51.0.10.jar was good, now it upacks ok

With ODIS, if you do a clean install then get errors like pp had with 550 and missing file(s) but now you have a database loaded, update to 550 with no problems now… go figure!


ODIS is working finally


Tip & Guides:

ODIS-S 4.3.3 source: 100% tested and confirmed to work perfect

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ODIS 4.3 Release Notes:



Windows 10 only supports the new diagnostic interface VAS 6154 (known as the WLAN remote head). Users of the older models VAS 5054, VAS 5054A and VAS 5055 can continue to use the Windows 7 i.do client on existing systems until the End of 2019. The new diagnostic interface can be used with both operating systems. Please place any necessary orders with Workshop Equipment in good time


Functions in version 4.3

The key features newly added or revised in release 4.3 are

described briefly in this section and the additional CCB_DS IDs implemented are cited.

CCB 793

The ODIS system must allow the user to use cross-functional variables and passwords



Conversion of Service42 interface to IA-compliant SOAP

CCB 942

Introduction of an attribute for unauthorized event memory, control of the GFS entry plan and GFS exit

CCB 1031

ASAM xml file customizations


Plagiarism check using VAS 5054A / 5055


VCI selection redesign

CCB 1653

complete test baseline and hotfix

CCB 2017

Extension of the action element “Logging”

CCB 2034

SFD activation OS (not yet available)


“Simulated Diagnostic Entry” in OD and GFS-Light

Defect resolution in version 4.3

The defects resolved in release 4.3 are described briefly in this section.


FB_2016.16.00_015.33.0_With WLAN Funkopf 6154 ODIS hangs at the start module (read data)


Department acceptance ODIS 4.0.0 B40 Separation from the vehicle not recognized


SVM; KWP1281 Engine control unit flashing breaks off, flash process takes too long => timing


ODIS S: Abort PDX Flashing over CAN


Send Support Request: Bugatti Hotline Data will not be registered


Error printing EGD protocol for non-legal VIN.


OS error message “ODS4009E Internal” occurs, java.lang.NullPointerException


When connecting to UDS controllers, Hex services are used instead of named ODX services


GFS Light does not work


OS 4.2.2 Error message during language change during a diagnostic session using a test baseline


Change from “Flashing” to “Info” not possible because the button is grayed out


Missing blank in notice message about not done update


Supported vehicles with Version 4.3

Approved AUDI vehicles

  • All AUDI vehicles are supported

Approved Volkswagen vehicles

  • All Volkswagen vehicles are supported

Approved Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge vehicles

  • All Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge vehicles are supported

Approved Seat vehicles

  • All Seat vehicles are supported

Approved Skoda vehicles

  • All Skoda vehicles are supported

Approved Bentley vehicles

  • All Bentley vehicles are supported

Approved Lamborghini vehicles

  • The following Lamborghini vehicles are supported:

Gallardo from MY09-MY14 (only immobilizer and Radio PIN Code)

Aventador und Huracán

Approved Bugatti vehicles

  • Bugatti Veyron and Bugatti Chiron are supported

Approved MAN vehicles

  • MAN-TGE is supported