Foxwell NT510/NT520 Land rover Discovery Special Functions Review

I purchased the Foxwell NT510 multi-system scanner and it is a great tool. When you buy the scanner it comes with a vehicle specific scanner module that you download, additional cars cost about $70. My scanner download handles all of the Jaguar and Land rover models. By the way, I am driving a black  Discovery II year 2003.


First simply sum up what it can do:
read/clear all codes
activate all systems (yes, ABS, ACE, etc.)
read and program a new EKA code for your driver-side lock+key
Change the VIN of your Disco2 recorded in your various ecus such as transmission, BCU, ECM, etc.
Clear all “adaptive” values such as your long term fuel values (extremely useful if you have changed any emissions components including O2’s, fuel injectors, spark plugs, etc.).


I also impressed with the special functions it brings: SLS calibration, SLS Transportation, Suspension configuration, brake bleeding, reset the ECM and ECU adaptions etc.


Here are screenshots of the brake’s special function options (1) modular bleed and (2) power bleed functions that really work on my Disco2…


There is also an option to reset the ECM and ECU adaptions which I didn’t try since I don’t know exactly what this does to my electrical system…



I did see key programming option but tried with no luck.

the NT510 let me program into my Disco 2 the 6 digit hex key on the circuit board of a used remote key fob that I bought off of eBay (so, this key was not originally “paired” or synchronized to my Disco2).

…and the NT510 changed the displayed BarCode2 to match my eBay key, so the radio transmission aspect on my Disco2 is working, seeing the key, getting the barcode data #, etc. I never keyed in that information. My Disco’s BCU had to get that information via radio xmission from the eBay key itself.

…but the eBay key still isn’t unlocking or locking my Disco2 remotely.

Nothing works after entering either the 6 digit code from the key fob or the 18 digit code from the scientific calculations excel spreadsheet….The foxwell updates are in work.


What it can’t do for Disco2’s:

I can’t get the Foxwell NT510 to show oil pressure.

It can’t program most BCU options, so you can’t turn on Daytime Running Lights (DRL) but it can read and tell you if that option is activated.

Same for disabling all alarm functions programmatically, e.g. turning off SuperLock or telling your Disco2 that it doesn’t have an alarm (even if it does), or vice-versa.


Is it still worth buying?


I would say it’s still worth buying. It lets you control the brakes and various activators. It lets you reset the ECU’s “learned” fuel mapping.
It shows you most live data (not oil pressure!) and lets you erase ODB2 codes.
Maybe the used key that I bought simply doesn’t transmit properly or some such. I simply can’t confirm that the Foxwell can program key FOBs.

I was really surprised to see the NT-510 actually showed the EKA code so I went ahead and changed it.

Best money I have spent in a long time.




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