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In detail…


What is Dev2tool?

Dev2tool.exe software used together with Volvo Tech Tool will allow you to program 11500 parameters using standard Vocom 88890300  and 88890200/88840133 usb diagnostic interface.


Note that Dev2tool will give you access to over 11000 parameters! This is correct!
The only problem is that you truck DOES NOT have 11000 parameters.
I got Dev2tool and I’ve tried to disable the egr on a 16L volvo engine (volvo D16D US model).
With Dev2tool you will see for example a parameter called “EGR Axis” but the ECU on the truck DOES NOT have that parameter in any programming levels.
Pretty much is not possible to disable unless you will find somebody (tuning company) that can reprogram your whole dataset on the engine ECU.


Where to download Dev2tool for free?

FYI, you’d better to have original Dev2tool from the official

or crack but tested version from reliable webs like if you think the original expensive.


It’s not wise to download Dev2tool for tech tool on forums and the like.

Usually, there are lot of limits when using free Dev2tool. E.g. the function might be not available on some trucks; Dev2tool would expire sometime…


Which operation system Dev2tool runs?

Dev2tool is compatible with Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7 operating systems.

But if you wanna use Dev2tool together with premium tech tool, Visfeed, etc. in the same laptop, please go to a laptop running Windows 7 32bit / 64bit with the memory at least 4 GB, or the installation speed would be affected.


How to install Dev2tool?

– Install yourself:

You should have working Dev2tool first. But it’s to get it for free on the web and sometimes with high risk. Here is Dev2tool for you:!Ybo3jS4C!8sSsBd9x8f_UN9NBq_Ubnb1w60Xv2P4V_9DgVn7xJAA




01) Install fresh Windows XP Proffesional with all updates SP3.
02) Install IIS.
03) Install AntiVirus Software
04) Insert PTT v1.12 DVD (Do not automatic installation!)
05) Go to “Start… Run… CMD”. You need to open command line.
06) Run PTT installation using this command. ( setup /cdev /Custominstall )
07) ID : 330000
08) After installation done. Don’t run Tech Tool!
09) All updates download and installing.
10) Apply Crack!


– Install via TeamViewer:

You do nothing for installation of Dev2tool for tech tool, if you get software off


How to activate volvo Dev2tool?

It’s FREE to activate volvo tech tool, Dev2tool and visfeed for the FIRST time, with the help of But you need pay 100 usd if you need the second activation on the same computer, while 250 usd for a different computer.


What can you do with Dev2tool?

Developer Tool for Volvo (Dev2tool) allows you to do special programming and activation on old trucks (Volvo, Mack, Renault), such as speed limit programming, injectors programming, change CHASSIS ID, disable immo, trip kilometers correction and fuel consumption saved in ECU, etc.

There are no separate Developer Tool solutions for Renault or Mack. It’s a must have software solution if you need to access all accessible functions and parameters of Volvo, Renault or Mack truck. There is no analog software to make all these features available for you. You can access Level 2 and Level 3 parameters without connection to the central online software servers. Developer Tool for Volvo (Dev2tool) software comes with USB license key (USB HASP).


What’s the Dev2tool truck list?

Dev2tool is good at parameter programming on OLD trucks, esp. Version 2.


  • VolvoTrucks (Older electrical system, Vehicle electrical system ’98);
    • Volvo Buses (Conventional, Multiplexed, Multiplexed v2, Multiplexed v3);
    • Volvo Penta (VERSION2, VERSION3);
    • Volvo OEM Component Customer (VERSION2, VERSION3);


What about Premium Tech Tool vehicle list?


Volvo Premium Tech Tool (PTT) supports:

Volvo Trucks Older electrical system

Volvo Trucks Vehicle electronics ’98

Volvo Trucks VERSION2

Volvo Trucks VERSION3

Volvo Trucks VERSION4

Volvo Buses Conventional

Volvo Buses Multiplexed

Volvo Buses Multiplexed version 2

Volvo Buses Multiplexed version 3

Volvo Penta




Renault Version2 ACCESS

Renault Version2 CAESAR

Renault Version2 COMPRT

Renault Version2 EXTRT

Renault Version2 HYBRYS

Renault Version2 KERAX

Renault Version2 KERAXMIL

Renault Version2 MAGNUM

Renault Version2 MIDLUM

Renault Version2 PREMIUM

Renault Version2 SHERPAL

Renault Version2 SHERPAM

Renault Version2 VAB

Renault Version2 VBCI

Renault Version2 VLRA

UD Trucks Version2 UD-HD

UD Trucks Version2 UD-MD