Volvo Visfed 0.3.1/0.2.1 Download, Install, User Manual

Free download Volvo Intermediate Storage File Encryptor/Decryptor (Editor) 0.3.1 or Visfed 0.2.1 software and learn how to use Visfed for Volvo, Renault, Mack trucks ECU reprogramming.


Something I put together with the help of fellows in


Free download Visfed 0.2.1 visfed 0.3.1: unknown risk

visfed 0.3.1.rar!QXQwxCYY!5iIkxxi6ry68TU7XR68rHEu3mvh7JHvtugHNI6lR07c

visfeed + keygen

VISFED 0.2.1.rar!RWJ0GSjK!8ABno5j56R6P0n7T2S7IJp3nVs4qDKqzNsNZrkFy4KI


Download Visfed for truck ECU reprogramming: with relief


It includes Volvo Premium Tech Tool, Dev2tool, Visfed – all tested without any issue and confirmed to work perfect!


What is VISFED:

VISFED stands for Volvo Intermediate Storage File Encryptor/Decryptor (Editor)
Volvo ISFile ED – is a special software tool todecrypt, edit, encrypt ECU reload (also called intermediate storage) files for Volvo, Renault, Mack trucks. Tool is made to make all file rebuilding processes simple and easy as possible. It also allows to view ECU file and other information of part and sub part numbers, parameters, PID, PPID, SID, PSID,FMI. Checksum calculation possible of Intel HEX line and whole CSW file.


Language: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, German, Denish, Polish, Finnish, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish, Turkish, Hungarian, Korean

OS: WinXP, Vista, Windows7,Windows 8, Windows 10


Volvo Tech Tool vs. Dev2tool vs. Visfed:

Volvo PTT Premium tech tool: for diagnosis

dev2tool: for programming

Visfeed: for reprogramming

In detail…


Whats new in visfed 0.3.1:
-Adding language
-ECU reload with original software
-Remove SCR and increase HP on: Volvo trucks (D9B,D11C, D13A, D13B, D13C, D16C, D16Eengines)
-Remove SCR and increase HP on: Renault trucks (D11A,D11B, D11C, DXi13A engines).
License for 1 PC


Visfed 0.2.1 user manual:


Import original Techtool file into visfed using TMP file button


Put orignal client id and dealer id in boxes


Press Decrypt


CHANGE ON VISFED CLIENT ID AND DEALER ID to the client id and dealer id of your PC AND TIME/DATE to (2018 01 01)  TOUCH CLICK ON ENCRYPT


Open file with XML and check all is correct and save


Open intersto, mdb file with Intersto Editor. Change dealer Id Client Id and User Id to whats on your own Pc and save


Install files to folder and program with Premium Tech Tool


Hope this helps for members.