Ncs Expert changes VIN after FRM2 update

Purpose: write/code VIN after FRM2 update

Car: 330d 2006

Tool: BMW ICOM emulator

Software: NCS expert, Tool32, WinKFP


Tutorial: Upgraded to FRM2 – how do i code it?


The basic steps are:

1. Install FRM2
2. Change FRM2 VIN to yours. Flash FRM2 with WinKFP comfort mode with your VIN. Or use Tool32 to change VIN as above.
2.5. Verify VIN change with Tool32.
3. Copy CAS VO (FA) to FRM with NCSexpert.
4. Change date with NCSexpert.
5. Code to default with NCSexpert.

Exact instructions for each step are discussed and available in the following parts.


It’s very simple.

1. Open Tool32
2. Plug in cable
3. Press F3 and choose the FRM87.prg or whatever FRM you have (see from INPA uif)
4.Select job c_fg_schrieben
5. Enter your FULL VIN (including checksum) into arguments field
6. Execute job

You can check the VIN using job ‘c_fg_lesen’

Once done use NCS EXPERT to copy your CAS FA string to FRM / change date then code to default with expertmode.


Btw, when you enter your VIN you must use FULL VIN. Which is VIN number with a checksum at the end. You can see you full VIN in NCS expert when you do any coding.


Note: Step 2 means you won’t need to use Tool32 at WinKFP can set VIN also…

The basic steps:
1) Remove FRM, install FRM2.
2) Use WinKFP to program the module, make sure to enter your VIN-number before programming.
3) Switch to NCS-EXPERT. Get your Vehicle Order from the CAS module (as we are unsure of what the FRM2 module contains.
4) Write the Vehicle Order to module “FRM” using job “FA_WRITE”
5) Go back to the main menu (or restart ncs-expert) and get the vehicle order from the “NFRM” module. Make sure NFRM returns YOUR VIN and YOUR VO. We want the VIN (FG) and VO (FA) to be the same in both CAS and NFRM.
6) You now need to do the trick described by 4711 a couple of posts back, i.e. change the production date in the VO to at least #0307. If you don’t do this, ncs-expert will not list NFRM (=FRM2) in the “Process ECU”-list and you won’t be able to code it. Change the VO using the “Enter FA” option – remove your production date and enter #0307 (meaning march 2007).
7) Now click “Process ECU” and select “NFRM”

Then just code to default with expert mode.


Reference: Youtube video – E90 VIN change with NCS Expert