How to Find ZB Number when Flash BMW E-series Module

This post will show you how to easily find the ZB number when flashing an E -series module.



The programs used for Ecu Flashing are Winkfp (E-series), E-sys (F-series) and ISTA-P (ALL).


Definition of Flashing:

Flashing an ecu means to write new software to a module (ecu).

The purpose of flashing can be updated to a later (newer) software version.

You know! (Update to latest version data)

ZB Number: The assembly identification number and easily program data set.

Winkfp needs to know zb number for flashing.

The ZB number of each module can be found easily through INPA software. Below is the method.


1. Select INPA to select the model. (ex .: F4 E60, F8 E90)


2. Select Chassis → Functional Jobs.


3. Select the F3 User Information Field (UIF).


4. In the UIF contents, each module is visible and the middle ZB No. is displayed. It is a 7-digit number,

Flashing in Winkfp.