Toyota Techstream V13.00.022 Download FREE: NO Pass

Free download Toyota Techstream TIS V13.00.022 software:


TOYOTA Techstream V13.00.022 download link:!jJpW3YpD!C0u-j8XEdG81gEtFGXQiVsfky02f4iZ0FJBy4WXE2qQ

Contributor: Autokent (BIG THANKS!!!!!!)

Date: 02/2018


Version: 13.00.022

Password: NOT required

Security: UNKNOWN

You can have older Techstream software – tested and used with safety:

Customization + ECU/Key Programming: Techstream V12.10.019

Customization: Mini VCI Totota Techstream TIS V12.10.019



Send Autokent your ID and he will offer NA/EU/JP/OT keys. For example:


ID: 83F7781160D76EB940EFF4A20B9D5405
Ver: 13.00.022

NA: 2715964dab6a5936bfe7e0e0133b662850141802031951
EU: b738ad00ed0f0a5a6628e3c3ddde23d050141802031951
JP: 84eb0bce3db11900251803148afc0215f75d213825ad3b
OT: 365c3a564cf8db22b64d8caf65b12b6e50141802031951