Ediabas Tool32 reactivate BMW Online and Internet

Well after a lot of tinkering with this and that I’ve finaly done it. I’ve reactivated BMW Online and Internet.

Turns out you only need ediabasĀ Tool32 and the jobs: lesen_provisioning_data and steuern_provisioning_data.



– Run the first one;

– Parse the data and generate a clean xml file;

– Change the apps you want to activate inside the file from inactive to active.

– Inject the file back into the car with the second job.


It’s that easy.


Be sure to use and hex editor to do it as text editor insert “trash” in the file.



Tool32-activate-internet-1 Tool32-activate-internet-2 Tool32-activate-internet-3 Tool32-activate-internet-4

When using the method described above, this is what to look for:


To activate BMW Online:


< bon>

< active>0< /active>

< onlinemode>1< /onlinemode>

< /bon>

Just change active from 0 to 1


And Internet:


< bin>

< active>0< /active>

< onlinemode>1< /onlinemode>

< /bin>

Just change active to 1 also.


On the Internet section you will also find this:


< disable>01< /disable>

< vmax>7< /vmax>

< /bin>

Changing disable to 00 and vmax to FF will give you “Internet in Motion”. It won’t lock anymore when you start driving.


You may also need other settings if you don’t have an incar SIM, in order to force these through bluetooh, but that’s also an easy fix!



Also, don’t get too adventurous and go changing stuff around if you don’t know what they do. You could get your head unit to get stuck in a boot loop.


It’s fixable, but just thought I’d leave a warning in case some of you get curious about changing stuff without understanding what it does.



To be on the safe side, also keep a backup of your car profiles. If you mess something up you can recover your settings this way.


More detais about:

– hex editor and how to generate clean xml file:

Used HxD to edit

Just dump the data from the first step to excel and grab only the hexadecimal portion using the tools available.

After that, dump the hex chain into HxD and you have a clean file.


– I didn’t VO code:

I FDL coded the settings to activate internet over bluetooth (you can find those settings in the forum) and then injected the customized provision file.

Just FDL coding or VO coding won’t work.


– faster to browse on idrive or directly on your phone:

When using data from bluetooth, browsing is way faster using the phone. But if you get all your favorite sites stored in the idrive, dispite being slower, it’s a lot more practical. Just select using one click and that’s it! Your hands remain free the whole time and you can focus on the road, while if using the phone you get a lot more distracted.