BMW 520D 2011 Cruise Control Replace SET with LIM function

Here’s the expert guide on retrofit BMW 520D year 2011 cruise control by replacing SET function with LIM function.

BMW Coding is required so you need a easy BMW ENET cable with E-sys coding software.


Note: The tutorial was translated from Korean. Credit to Dean Chow.



Today, let’s change the SET button of the 2011 BMW 520D cruise control function to the LIM function.

Of course,

BMW Coding Course.


What is cruise control first?

The actual BMW’s cruise control picture thrown a few ~ ~


Do you see a clock mark in the picture below?

Cruise control is active.

It is set at 100km / h.


Cruise control

(1) As a constant-speed travel device ,

If the driver fixes at the desired speed,

It is a device that travels while maintaining the speed.
It is also called Auto Drive, Auto Cruise, and Automatic Speed ​​Control.

(2) In addition to the vehicle speed control, in a manner of controlling the distance between the vehicles,

When the sensor detects the headway distance to the preceding vehicle

The throttle valve and the brake can be controlled by a computer and the vehicle can be driven while maintaining the safety distance.


It is a function that keeps constant speed without stepping on Excel.

This is a convenient function when driving at constant speed on the highway.



Many vehicles are also adding cruise control functions to many cars these days.

BMW has a cruise control on all models.


As shown in the picture below, there are usually three buttons and a lever-like structure that can move up and down.

The I / O button is a button that activates the cruise control,

The SET button is used to set the speed to be maintained,

RES button is a button to reset the maintained speed.

And the +/- lever on the side does not adjust the speed to feet,

This button can be raised and lowered.


However, if I / O is pressed to reach a certain speed after activating the cruise, pressing the SET button will maintain the speed,

Without pressing the SET button

You can set the speed by moving the +/- lever next to it.

BMW +, – Each car moves 10 km.

Once you increase it to +, you increase the speed by 10 km,

– When you get down to – 10Km, the speed will decrease.


So is it from 2012? Is it from 13 years?

The SET button has been changed to the LIM button and has started to be shipped.


What is the LIM button?

In the sense of Limit,

If you set the speed through the LIM, you will not get any more speed when you step on the accelerator.

I do not think it will help speeding up the camera.

If 80km LIM is set in 80km range,

80Km or more is not speedy ~ ~



Do you want to see the result once?

It’s been a long time since I’ve been coding my car.

I always use BMW Coding for the first time.


After coding (apart from coding)

Activating Cruise Control I pressed the I / O button.


This is indicated by LIMIT when the SET button is pressed.

The basic minimum speed is 30Km / h.

The instrument panel is also labeled LIM.

The LED lights up at the speed position set in the outer circle line of the speedometer


The LIM function can set the speed even in the stop state.

I set it to 80km / h.


I coded in the underground parking lot.

Driving is next time


The coding value change,

F10 (5 series) coding by BMW ENET cable and E-sys F-series coding software.


ICM_QL 3000 Faten, F8 LDM_SET_Taste SET_und_akivieren__IO / Werte = 02

==> nur_SET__O / Werte = 01

ICM_QL 3000 Faten, F8 LDM_SLD_Funktion aus / Werte = 00

==> ein / Werte = 01


COMBI 3003 FZG_Ausstattung, 10 SLD_ENABLE nicht_aktiv / Werte = 00

==> aktiv / Werte = 01


Other than F10, F25, F30,


ICM C_Umschaltung_ACC_DCC unterdruecken

==> zugelassen

ICM LDM_SET_Taste SET_und_akivieren__IO / Werte = 02

==> nur_SET__O / Werte = 01

ICM SLD_Funktion nicht_aktiv / Werte = 00

==> aktiv / Werte = 01

COMBI SLD_ENABLE nicht_aktiv / Werte = 00

==> aktiv / Werte = 01