Vocom 88890300 Clone vs Original

Here, i will make clear of Vocom 88890300 genuine and Vocom Volvo china clone


Left: Clone vocom ; Right: Original vocom


The packing: Slightly different

clone vocom: the box is bigger

genuine vocom: small box

clone vocom: comes with easy description on the lable

genuine vocom: with much info on the label

Vocom copy: packed with some cables/adapters and a U disk with software in addition to Vocom 88890300 Interface

Vocom original: there is nothing in the box but the device itself. Accessories (cables, adapters) and software are supplied separately.

Vocom copy: packed in a zip-lock plastic bag

Vocom original: packed in a anti-static sealed bag


The device: almost the same design

As for the look, there is no much difference

Kind of different in housing after disassembling, but it doesn’t affect the functionality

Both has good connections. No need to worry about the communication

The printed circuited board is connected in a good condition.


The PCB: different but the Vocom clone works as the original

Vocom china clone: one PCB

Vocom original: two boards, with a Wifi module, memory car slot, clock quartz

It’s normal to have different PCB designs coz both Vocom diagnostic tools are produced from different factories


So, you can buy Vocom 88890300 clone from China with relief, because it has been tested to work no issues with Volvo Tech Tool for Volvo, Renault, UD and Mack trucks to


Identify a product….ok

View information history…..ok

Diagnose a selected product…..ok

Test a selected product…..ok

Program a selected product…..ok

Calibrate a selected product…..ok