VAS 6154 is Vxdiag vcx nano 5054 PCB inside?

Topic: Comparison: VAS 6154 clone vs Vxdiag vcx nano 5054


Vas 6154 is a newer tool by VW which has replaced Vas5054a. Even newer ODIS 4.1.4 dropped support for vas5054a on win10. So eventually we won’t be able to use vas5054a anymore in future.Vas6154 is a newer designed head with wifi capability.


It looks like they have put their vxdiag vcx nano board inside a vas6154 case and calling it as a clone of newer Vas6154?


Actually NO. They’re different.

One side is similar. The other side vcx nano for VW/Audi is more complex. It could be firmware updated to support odis-S 4.1.3. I guess but if it does it may not be backward compatible with older odis-S (odis-E). Current firmware supports up to odis-S 4.1.3. Its API is old and it supports odis-E 6.6.1 but not sure of flash capability.


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Vxdiag vcx nano 5054 inner board:

Cloned Vas 6154 inner board:

It means they have improved the board based on vxdiag nano’s design, then make a new vas 6154 with4 leds installed


Vxdiag vcx nano could not fit into OBD port of Audi, so you needed to buy an external cable extender, so they have changed shell to look like vas5054a/ vas6154 and made some other board features that can be only used with VW/Audi unlike vcx nano which can be used with many makes, if one purchases the license.


And I don’t think Vxdiag clones as original rather they use different design, which can work well for coding and calibrations but not firmware flash with odis engineering. VXdiag does not make enough tests. They have not managed to give information regarding flashing with O-E or giving out the info regarding which O-E is the compatible version. No youtube video no guidance.


I have vxdiag vcx nano wifi for VW and the board does not resemble with 5054a even though it is recognised as one. Flashing with odis engineering 6.7.5 failed causing instrument cluster failure. Odis engineering 6.6.1 may work since all other functions work (tested and work) but I am afraid to check flashing capability since I don’t have a proper vas5054a as a back up. I am more interested in capability and internal chips quality rather than external appearance.
So, I am still trying to find a good quality vas5054a with proper memory chips full chip including original oki and a amb2300.

The one i consider to buy is from obdii365:

The other one i consider also, with original oki and a amb2300 too:

But since they rolled out vas 6154 scan tools, i have to think twice coz vas 6154 and 5054a do have something different. Both have their own pros and cons. I am reading