Renault CAN CLIP Programming: only Yellow PCB OK

Renault CAN CLIP programming tool, where to buy? Renault CAN CLIP yellow pcb version from now is verified to program ECUs and add keys to Renault.


Renault CAN CLIP programming solution:

best quality with AN2135SC AN2136SC full chip








This is the only Renault CAN CLIP china clone (with YELLOW boards) working with PROGRAMMING.


For old versions with GREEN boards. There is NO CHANCE!!!

Optional Renault CAN CLIP V162: Cheapest and Best-Quality

So, FOGET IT if renault can clip programming


A GOOD TIP: Renault clip on programming asked for a 7-digit serial (digits 0-9).


(solved) Renault CLIP asks for 7 digit serial when programming


When I try to enter programming mode, the Renault CAN CLIP asks for a 7-digit serial (digits 0-9). How to do?

– I put two zeros in front to make it seven digit and it worked.

– My serial is 6 digit long and i put “0” in front of the serial. Worked fine!

– I had the same problem with my clip on programming. It asked for a 7-digit serial (digits 0-9). On my clip there was a sticker with only a 5 digit S/N so I typed in the 5 numbers and added 2 zeros on the end and it accepted them and allowed me to program.



What’s the serial numbers for fully programming, especially programming new or used ecm and also sometimes write injector serials numbers into ecm, for diesel cars…

– 123456789 works good

– 1234567 works fine for me

– On mine is all Zeros 0000000