DIY Install Techstream/Honda HDS on VAS 5054A Pass-thru

Here is a customer solution to make Toyota Techstream 10.30.029 & Honda HDS 3.016.033 work with vas 5054a interface. Good luck!


First, free download different Techstream and HDS installation Kits!5wQ0UDJJ!BFnI-KgJurqgceVUe5wweQ

Inside you will find different versions for XP and Windows 7 for Techstream and Honda HDS
Part 1: How to get VAS 5054A to work with Toyota Techstream 10.30.029

VAS5054A with Toyota Techstream as Passthru

Install Techstream
Install PassThru drivers for VAS 5054
Connect head to PC and 12V.
Open Techstream and configure interface.


Part 2: How to get VAS5054A to work with Honda HDS 3.016.033

Test HDS (Honda Diagnostic System) maybe will work also ?

1. Install your VAS5054A passthru driver.

2. Download download and install now the Honda HDS

3. Finish your installation…

4. Connect VAS5054A to PC and 12V(car or on bench)

5. Load your HDS > click on the famous F12 button and choose your VAS5054A Head.

6. Connect your VAS 5054A to the car then to your laptop & start your work…


ps. VAS 5054a do see VCI when loading techstream/HDS?

I installed passthru driver windows 7 x32.
But the driver , it seems to me , do not see the VCI.
This VAS 5054A clone Bluetooth interface works with ODIS S and ODIS-E properly


vas-5054a-not-see-vci-2 vas-5054a-not-see-vci-3 vas-5054a-not-see-vci-4

Problem solved.
1. Install D-PDU_API V1.20.23 FW 2.20.23
2. Re-install SAEJ2534-1 for VAS 5054A Version
3. Re-configure VAS5054A with serial number

And all works, now only test OK.

The problem was the serial number bad configured , all 5054a clones have 082145725. It is risky to configure the adapter.



BTW, Techstreeam work on ford vcm2 and gm mdi multiple interface like a charm, not need to do any change on the J2534 interface!!!

Credit to Fantomel