Volvo Premium Tech Tool PTT 2.04.87 Free on Mega: Works OK

This is the free customer share of Volvo PTT 2.04.87+APC. He shares it for free because he shares it to somebody and the one shares on auto repair manual and he is paying !!

And he does not see any use to pay because it’s the one who made the tuto !!

for devtool!

Not keygen for share because is member of the MH forum that is share it!!

Here, free download Volvo Tech Tool 2.04.87:

Contributor: kashaki in the MH community (BIG THANKS)


APCI+ 11/2016!khUDBIqT!dJT5ZVkkhE2mZaCEZLXoWKrgTR_nycfHvDuUB7y9qqw

Setup!c5Ez0byA!8F2SD-ja7DtI2l1mONpieuvqoNbA6L3Nx1fVrELxFMM (no pass)



share all-in-one you can change user easy !!!!bcM03BAJ!4omQ_Yr9UQH7B5BhhNwGNA (open all-in-one in administrator)
include XX40645 in dev modeand M140521 in normal mode!!!
i share full unlock
PS: just open log Manager—- stop service —– clear log —– use all-in-one —– start service —— You do this every time you change user!!!!


for devlopement mode but just compatibility for truck !!!! (BIG THANKS to M151124)Volvo PTT dev:!fQkmzJIQ!NEBl_O1XJRTU1uNHD2pMt-ALAU6qp5woD-m_3mCaJF0



it’s customer share in the so it’s not tested by pros; you’ll try on your own risk and we hold no responsibility of what you will happen to with files above.


Volvo Premium Tech tool 2.04.87 Development With Apci+ Update: (Tested OK)

It’s the tested version.

Professional engineers working for have verified it’s working without any issue. So, it’s safe to use.


How-to guide of tech tool 2.04 installation:

1/ open in admin setClientID.exe set ID:   190430

2/ TechToolInstaller_Dev.reg

3/ TT204-Prerequisites.cmd (client update ID:190430)

4/ TT204-MainInstallationPackages.cmd

5/ TT204-MainInstallation Packages2.cmd

6/ TT204-Patches.cmd

(don’t open tech tool)

open client update and make all update 2.04.87(is very long)

Copy and Replace


C:\Program Files (x86)\Tech Tool\Tech Tool\Apciplus

BaldoLocal.Data.dll >>


C:\Program Files (x86)\Tech Tool\Tech Tool\BaldoLocal

VolvoIt.Waf.Login.Ui.dll >>


C:\Program Files (x86)\Tech Tool\Tech Tool\Login

BaldoLocal.sdf >>

C:\ProgramData\Tech Tool

copy and replace apci+ update / in these path :

C:\ProgramData\Tech Tool\Waf\DtR


C:\ProgramData\Tech Tool\Waf\OtD


open tech tool

Tech Tool and Update Product Information


(big thanks to Kashaki) 


Volvo PTT 2.04 review:

– I used another crack with login “XX40645” and this is working fine, but I only tested in volvo bus!
Gradually, I made some adaptations that pleased me, thanks again for sharing!


XX40645 files:!ooQCmAJL


– Works fine with AllInOne crack