Volvo PTT v2.04 failed to program UD Truck Version 3 (solved)

Here is the solution to Volvo PTT 2.04.55 (Premium Tech Tool) failed to do calibration and programming on UD truck 2016 version 3.



I have ordered and actviate the Volvo PTT v2.04 software. I first scanned on a UD truck 2016 version 3, PTT is able to read and erase faults codes, but not able to do test, calibration and programming. I tested on another Volvo Penta, same result, only diagnosis. Some operation pictures are attached.

volvo-ptt-2.04-failed-to-program-1 volvo-ptt-2.04-failed-to-program-2 volvo-ptt-2.04-failed-to-program-3 volvo-ptt-2.04-failed-to-program-4 volvo-ptt-2.04-failed-to-program-5 volvo-ptt-2.04-failed-to-program-6 volvo-ptt-2.04-failed-to-program-7 volvo-ptt-2.04-failed-to-program-8


Both Volvo Premium Tech Tool V2.04 (Item No:SS167-D) or Volvo/Renault/MACK Ptt Developer Tool V2.04.85.3 (Item No: SS167-E) do not support programming function on truck version 3 and version 4. Software alone support diagnostic function only. PTT Developer Tool support programming feature, but only for Version 2.

If you need to carry out both diagnosis and programming functions, you can activate the V3+V4 programming authorization.


If you have bought the SS167-D or SS167-E software, you need to pay $150 USD to activate both Version 3 and Version 4 truck programming.

If you did not buy the software and want to open the V3+V4 authorization, you need first buy the software, well install techtool, then activate the programming function.


You are able to do following function if you activate the authorization:


1.You can change chassis ID on truck

2.You can change speed limit on truck

3.You can turn immobilizer off and on

4.You can change 3,000 other parameters on trucks like this which i write already

Yes. Then support all trucks.