BMW ICOM ISTA-D Error “vehicle could not be identified”

Share a solution with you all when there is a connection problem with BMW ICOM A2 ista D 3.5 on BMW models like my F56 JCW.
Basic info:

tools: BMW Icom A2 wifi
software: IstaD tested versions 3.52 – 3.53 – 3.54
operating system: Windows 10 (Firewall dissabled)

model: F56 JCW

Here, Ista P 3.58 works flawlessly. But in Ista D KL15-30 are shown but no identification happens.
Every time I try to identify the car an error prompts:
“The vehicle could not be identified. Please check the access to the vehicle and check whether the testing-analysis-diagnosis has been activated”

ista-d-vehicle-not-identified-1 ista-d-vehicle-not-identified-2 ista-d-vehicle-not-identified-3 ista-d-vehicle-not-identified-4 ista-d-vehicle-not-identified-5


Searched for solutions on webs…

Solved finally!!

I uncheck the ethernet box and ICOM A2 ISTA-D worked.


Note: This is the solution cartechnology member provided, you are at your own risk.