BMW ICOM A2 ISTA-D not start problem (solved)

The solution to the BMW ICOM A2+B+C ISTA-D diagnostic software not starting after well connected with vehicle and computer problem is provided here.

After connected the BMW ICOM diagnostic tool with vehicle and computer, starting running ISTA software, but he cannot open the ISTA-D software, the ISTA-D software soon fade out after booting. The system pops up an error message as the same time.

“Please wait while ISTA-D is starting!
Don’t close ISPI-NEXT Admin Tools when ISTA is Running!”
bmw-icom-ista-d-ista-p-not-start-1  bmw-icom-ista-d-ista-p-not-start-3

Solution by obd365 technician
Turn off the computer/laptop
Well connect the BMW ICOM A2 diagnostic system hardware with vehicle
Wait the communication indicator lights on the bmw icom emulator flash
Then connect BMW ICOM A2 wifi to computer via LAN cable
Power on the computer
Open the ISTA-D software again
If the system prompts to tick OK, DO NOT tick OK, wait 1-2 minutes, the system will automatically enter into the ISTA software main interface
And tick ISTA-DE option in the button, it makes running speed faster.
The ISTA needs some time to boot, do not close the ISTA-D software when it is not fulled working and do not open another software program windows at this time.