V154 Renault CAN CLIP Software Free Download

Renault CAN CLiP diagnostic interface for Renault& Dacia software has newly released to V154 (Dec. 25th, 2015) . OBDII365 offers CLIP V154 free download and installation tips.


Software version: V154

New added features: adds Renault XZH model


CAN CLIP V154 torrent free download:


Compatible device:

Renault CAN CLIP

(Two types of CAN CLIP at obd365: SP19-B, SP19-C)

can clip v154

How to install CLIP V154:

Step 1: Install Daemon tools 

Step 2:Install CLIP-154.nrg

Step 3 Install Renault Clip V154 setup.exe

Step 4 Activate/Register Renault CAN CLIP software

Step 5 Install CAN CLIP driver

Step 6 Run software 


How to install Renault CAN CLiP V154 (SP19-B) 

How to install Renault CAN CLiP V154 (SP19-C) 

V154 Renault CLIP display: