EEPROM Programming Instructions Needing Attention

Some cars have to be programmed directly by the EEPROM. Those EEPROMS can look like that:
EEPROM Programming
When you can read what is written on the EEPROM, you have pin 1 on the left side on the bottom.

There are 2 different EEPROM families: the 93CX6 Series and the 24C0X Series. Depending on the series, you can the fitting adapter-board:
EEPROM Programming
Using the wrong adapter-board will damage the EEPROM!!!

For programming EEPROM, please follow the instruction step by step:

1. Ensure the EEPROM is clean and there is no paint or wax on it.
2. All oscillators (crystals) on the board must be joined together.
3. Put the clip on the EEPROM, with the red mark on pin 1.
4. Put the correct adapter-board in port 3 of the handheld.
5. Power the handheld by port 1.
6. Join the other end of the clip to the 8 pin port on the adapter-board with the red cable on the pin 1 mark.
7. In the main menu choose the car model and the car model and the method clip.
8. When you press Ok the handheld reads the EEPROM and jumps to the EEPROM menu.
9. In the right upper corner you can see the current mileage. Small variation is ok. If the displayed value is good, save all data with the menu SAVE.
10. With the menu adjust KM you can write in the new value that you want. The handheld will verify the successful programming.
11. Carefully remove the clip from the EEPROM and remove the connections from the crystals.

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Video: Tacho pro 2008 user guide video demo part one
Tacho pro 2008 user guide video demo part two