Carsoft V7.4 multiplexer vs. MB Star Diagnostic system

Which diagnostic system is best for MB Carsoft V7.4/V12 multiplexer or MB Star Diagnostic systems (MB SD Connect C4, MB Star C3, Super MB Star C4 and MB Star C4)?

OBDII365 here collects some basic facts and real customers’ experience to exhibit the capability of these Benz diagnostic tools.
MB Star Diagnostic
ⅠClone Carsoft V7.4 multiplexer

What Carsoft V7.4 can do and can not do (advantages and disadvantages):

CAN (advantages):

1. Basic diagnostic, like read fault codes, erase fault codes, like reset SRS code

2. Read or display live data

3. It will read most of the digital modules for all Benz up to April, 2005.

4. Much more cheaper in price comparing with MB Star series. It is available at obd365 for US$52.99.

CAN NOT (disadvantages)

1. Carsoft v7.4 only works well on models with ME injection systems, such as the W210, R170, etc.

2. It can not read or reset the RST and RB for 1996 up model years.

3. Can not remotely raise/lower E420 headrest

4. It can not read or reset the ETR (emergency tensioning retractor) for any of the model years, nor any seat belt buckle malfunctions.

5. Carsoft v7.4 requires a laptop with 266 – 300 MHz processor chip and a dedicated Serial Port (USB ports will not work) and the hard drive loaded with Windows XP.

Ⅱ Genuine Benz Carsoft V12

1. The problem with Carsoft v12, is that its development was slow

2. It’s the same old story of hardware & software lifespans. It’s only a relatively short time before something better comes along for the same price, or perhaps even less. Blackberry knows this story only too well.

3. Carsoft V12 is much more expensive then Carsoft V7.4 in price.


Carsoft V7.4 or Carsoft V12 can be had for cheap price but it won’t do everything for Benz.

Ⅲ MB Star Diagnostic System (SDS)

What MB Star Diagnostic System can do:

MB Star Diagnostic system series contains several products: MB SD Connect C4, MB Star C3 (Best quality MB Star C3, best price MB Star C3 and MB Star C3 Pro with seven cables), Super MB Star C3 and MB Star Compact C4 multiplexers.

MB Star diagnostic system will read and reset every digital module for every M-B ever made up to July, 2014, including Sprinter Vans, and diesel engines. MB SD Connect C4, Super MB Star C3 and best quality MB Star C3 can also do Benz truck models.

MB Star diagnostic multiplexers allow users to test individual components, and set some parameters. It does this for brake systems, airbag systems, AC, instrument clusters, transmission ECUs, Keyless Go, airmatic, ABC, PSE, ESP, Parktronic, the ignition system, headlight systems, convertible top, power seats, FI, and many other subsystems that typically only the dealer can diagnose and repair.

What’s more, MB Star online SCN coding and offline programming enlarge much more capacities on Benz.

MB Star requires modern Dell laptop and uses USB ports.

MB Star diagnostic multiplexers are expensive in price but it can do everything for MB vehicles.

We will add facts if necessary.