How to solve super mb star C3 internal ERROR?

This error prompt when use start Super MB Star C3 work on his cars, and meet error: Internal error: File XWSAPI.EXE not found;application launch is aborted.
super mb star c3 internal error
Analysis: if you want to use WIS to check the wiring diagram, you need to directly go to WIS on the desktop, click it to open to check. Not direct jump to WIS from other function or other ways.

Solution: Close this prompt. Go to desktop and open WIS on desktop to do this function.

Super MB STAR C3 is one of the best after-market tools for Benz diagnostic, coding/programming in the world. It covers Benz cars from 1989 and it can be updated in the end of customer side. No need to send it back or update through hard disk. It can do more cars than MB Star C3 and C4.