How to use Tactrix 2.0 + EcuFlash to flash Subaru BRZ 86 ROM

Tools you will need:


Tactrix OpenPort 2.0
Ecuflash Software
Ecuflash Definition files for your ROM type

Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 is a hardware that connects Subaru and Mitsubishi vehicles with a PC.
Tactrix 2.0 + EcuFlash 1
EcuFlash is the software that reflashes ROM to vehicles via the Tactrix dongle. It can only be used to write or edit ROM if you have the correct definition files for your ROM type.
Tactrix 2.0 + EcuFlash

1. Install ECUFlash BRZ Beta: software and Tactrix adapter drivers.

Connect Tactrix cable to your PC and follow the prompts to install its driver.
Open ECU_Flash.
Update Firmware in Tactrix cable.
In ECUFlash, click “Help” – select “Licensing”.
If Tactrix firmware is out of date (in the Tactrix dongle/adapter), it will be updated automatically.

WARNING: If your upgrading ECUFLASH previously installed the 32BITBASE and DEF files will be moved to a backup directory, be sure to copy them back as the ones in the software release are not the latest ones required for BRZ/86

2. Obtain desired ECUFlash – Definition files: (check for updated regularly)

Click on the file. Click on “Raw” tab. Click on your browsers “File save as” and save it in the directory shown below…20standard/BRZ

Place this file eg. (ZA1JA01C.xml) in directory:
C:\Program Files\OpenECU\EcuFlash\rommetadata\subaru\BRZ\2012 \

3. You will also need to get base file 32BITBASE.xml from here:

Click on the file. Click on “Raw” tab. Click on your browser “File save as” and save it in the C:\Program Files\OpenECU\EcuFlash\rommetadata\subaru\Bases folder.…/32BITBASE.xml…/32BITBASE.xml

4. Flashing A ROM

Tactrix/Ecuflash is a reliable and proven flashing method but please read warning below

WARNING: Always make sure your definition file matches your ROM. Do NOT rely on the name of the ROM file. The internal Calibration ID may not be the same as the file name.
Always open the ROM in ECUFLASH and check some tables such as the “Primary Open Loop Fuel Table” and the “Base Timing B” check that the values in these tables look ok and the table Axis both X and Y look ok. If they do not then it likely that the Definition file and the ROM are mismatched DO NOT FLASH if tables look suspect. If you FLASH or EDIT a ROM using an incorrect Definition you WILL get your ECU into an unrecoverable state.

Your only option then will be to use SH Boot mode which requires ECU removal, making and interface and soldering direct to circuit board and downloading a ROM via SH Boot mode (see below). This is not easy and is beyond the capabilities of most people.

This procedure has not been tested yet on a BRZ ECU flashing-subaru-sh705x-ecus-using-the-renesas-boot-mode&catid=42: ecu-repair&Itemid=41

See Attached files for STOCK ROM if you want to update to latest calibration

When reading or writing a ROM, Ignition must be fully on (do not start car). When you click read/write in EcuFlash a dialog box will appear. Wait 15 seconds before you click ok.

A read should be pretty quick less than 1 minute use “save as” and save it a bin file if you want to use RomRaider to edit.

A Write will be longer just over a minute
Before EcuFlash write a ROM it will ERASE your current ROM, then WRITE will take place. Action will be logged on screen.
Do not disturb connection during read or write & do not mess with switches in your car eg lights, ect.

Make sure your car battery is good turn off all accessories radio fax Air conditioner ect
Ensure laptop battery is charged and no power saving modes active on laptop ie turn off HDD or screen ect.

Either the Tactrix adapter has thin/short pins or the socket in 86/BRZ is a bit loose but connection can be intermittent. Either use a short OBD extension cable or put a bit of forward/backward pressure on Tactrix Openport adapter (I used rubber band) to ensure solid connection.

If you get a failed write do not panic, check connection, settings def files, bases ect and write again. Write again without turning the ignition off as this will leave ECU in program mode.
Write should only take about 1 minute

You can READ a ROM without a Definition, but you would not be able to WRITE or EDIT it without a definition.

EcuFlash will only write ROM if you have definition file for your ROM. So the simple and effective way to protect your car is to have only ECU definition for your ECU type in the C:\Program Files\OpenECU\EcuFlash\rommetadata\subaru\BRZ\2012 \ directory.

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