How to update V2014.11 BMW ICOM Firmware?

If newest 2014.11V BMW ICOM software HDD fails to connect with your vehicle or fails to diagnose cars, you will need to run for firmware upgrade.

How to update V2014.11 BMW ICOM Firmware?

1. Connect BMW ICOM A2 diagnostic unit with computer via network cable. Power up ICOM A2 with 12 V adaptor or connect it with vehicle via OBD diagnostic socket.
bmw icom a2
2. Browse IE explorer to, enter name: root and password: NZY1150263

3. Click “Update Firmware”, ICOM firmware information will be displayed.

4. Select “ICOM-BootImage-01-13-00.bin” file, set image type to “SYSTEM”. Click “Send the file”

5. When the system pops out the message “Write the image file to the flash?”, click “Yes”. The ICOM indicator light will turn red.

6. When the system prompts “The SYSTEM IMAGE update was successfully”, click “Update Firmware” icon

7. Select “ICOM-ApplicationImage-01-18-00.bin” file, set image type to “APPLICATION”, click “Send the file”. The process will take a few minutes due to the file size, please wait patiently.

8. Click “Yes” when system pops out “Write the image file to the flash?” notice. ICOM A2 unit indicator light will turn red again.

9. When all settings are complete, click “reboot”

Free Download the BMW ICOM firmware update attachment:!T8B3xK7C!QeVVfQt3f8S9N03sHmWPyDtRnlFqn8DTBkQdv1c7148

1) Set the local connection IP to obtain an IP address automatically
2) There are 2 firmware update files, first install the small file and choose “SYSTEM” correspondingly. Then install larger file, select “APPLICATION” instead.
3) The firmware file and method fits for BMW ICOM A1, ICOMA2 and ICOM.

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