How to use gm tech2 to bleed ABS brake systems

Almost all modern vehicles have ABS system or anti-lock brake system on their cars and trucks. ABS brakes, like any other brakes which need regular maintenance including bleeding. Different vehicle models enjoys similar way of bleeding ABS systems are similar among different vehicles, but GM Tech2 scanner is specially designed for GM vehicle models.

The text below gives an instruction on how to bleed the ABS system with GM Tech 2 scan tool.

GM Tech 2 scan tool

Follow the following instructions:
1) Raise your car into a properly support position
2) Disassemble all 4 tires and wheel assemblies
3) Check the brake system for leaks and visual damage. If the situation is damage or have to be get it done and how to use the device to make a possible position. Replace or repair as needed.
4) Check the battery state of charge (you may refer here )

5) Install GM Tech2 scan tool software. (Download related PDF manual on OBD365 webpage)
6) Turn the ignition to ON position with the engine OFF
7) Connect the GM Tech2 scanner into the OBD diagnostic socket
8) Select “Special Functions”>> “Automated Bleed”
9) Bleed the base brake system.
10) Follow the Tech2 scanner screen instructions until the desired brake pedal height is achieved.

If the bleed procedure fails, do as following:
If a DTC is detected, select “Diagnostic Trouble Code” to clear DTCs. If the brake pedal eels spongy, repeat the conventional brake bleed procedure again.

11) When the desired brake pedal height is achieved, press the brake pedal to check the firmness.
12) Unplug the GM Tech2 scanner from the OBD socket
13) Install the 4 tires and wheel assemblies
14) Check the brake fluid level and the firmness of pedal again

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