BMW Multi Tool Program new key when BMW X1 Lost All keys

BMW Multi Tool 7.3 version is a high quality auto key programmer that supports CAS 1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+, CAS4 and CAS4+. Even if you lost all keys to your BMW X1, it is able to program a new one. Here is a quick guide about how to replace a BMW X1 dealer key use the tool:

1. Pick the BMW X1 door with LISHI BMW lock pick tool.
BMW Multi Tool Program new key
2. Follow the picture below to connect BMW Multi Tool hardware to the car and the PC with BMW Multi Tool software. Plug the USB dongle to the PC as well.
BMW Multi Tool Program new key
3. Start BMW Multi Tool V7.3 software.
BMW Multi Tool Program new key
4. Click on “Connect” in the main menu of the software.
BMW Multi Tool Program new key
5. Once the software connection is hooked up, you will get a new window. Click on “Key learning”.

6. Click on “Get key information”.

7. You will get another new window. Click on “Add key” and then “Next”.

8. Now you will get a message to remove the key fob.

9. A few seconds later the tool will automatically read the car key information. When info pops up, click on “OK” and then save the key information.
BMW Multi Tool Program new key
10. Select “Program dealer key” on the bottom and then select the number keythat you want to program on the left, for example, key No.1, and then click on “Program dealer key” again.

12. Put the key fob that you removed in step 8 in BMW Multi Tool hardware coin and then click “OK” in the software.

13. Next you will get a window asking whether the key being programmed is a smart key or not. Select “No” and the dealer key programming will start instantly.

14. Once the programming is finished, take out the new key and test if the new key will work for the car.
BMW Multi Tool Program new key

Xhorse Multi Tool work with BMW CAS3/CAS3+ all keys lost