How to setup Galletto 1260 ECU remap cable?

O/S Requirements to run Galletto 1260 Cable: Windows XP or XP mode on Windows7 32bit

Note before we start: Disable or uninstall the anti-virus software on your computer in case it damage Galletto 1260 software.

Now we can start the setup:

1. Insert the disk that came with the Galletto cable into your computer and copy the file to the Desktop.
2. Connect your Galletto cable to the ECU. You can do this in the car. Make sure the ECU has stable and enough power supply.
3. Connect the cable to your PC and you will get a “Found New Hardware Wizard” message. Follow system prompts to install the driver.
4. Open the ECU casing and connect the ECU to the bench harness.
5. Touch PIN 24 on the flash chip (800BB) to ground. It is the 2nd one in from the left side on the bottom. The chip when you are looking at it should have a circle in the top right hand corner (indicating PIN 1). Once you touch PIN 24 to ground, turn on the ignition switch and remove the ground from PIN 24 about 2-3 seconds later. You are now in BOOT MODE.
setup Galletto 1260 ECU remap cable
6. Launch the EOBD1260.exe program. It should look like this:
setup Galletto 1260 ECU remap cable
If you would like to remap ECU at present, please read on:

1. Select the 29F800BB memory layout and then your car brand.
2. Select your ECU type and car model.
3. Choose “Read ECU” to read the file from the ECU. It will prompt you where to save the file.
4. Choose Write ECU to write the file to the ECU
5. Exit and disconnect the Galletto 1260 cable when you are finished.

Galletto 1260 read & flash ECU guide for beginners