How to use GM Tech 2 to adjust steering wheel control

I have own my Opel Astra F Cabriolet 2000 a GM tech2 with Candi module for several months.
GM Tech2
But I have not luck to succeed adjusting the steering wheel control with the Tech2 by myself. I can not find some clues on forums either. So I went to the dealer shop and got the steering wheel control to work. I watched the technician program my Astra and I learned how to do it.

I have to mention that you need so some preparation job in order to achieve this.

–Get the corresponding software before purchase. I mean GM Tech2 is 6 software alternative. Like me, choose Opel software.
— Factory radio has to be installed and have your radio/ immobilizer pin code read
— Tech2 comes with the Candi module and has to have the interface plugged in
–Tech2 can’t have any other GM software installed other than the Opel software card

First of all, you should install the latest software and welcome the main program. The biggest advantage of Tech2 is that it can work without PC/computer by just follow the screen instruction. After that follow the CIM (column integration module) which will ask you for your four digit radio pin number. If you don’t not know or forget your radio pin code number, ask help for the dealer ship or get a pin code reader to read it out.

Then you will be able to see a menu that has steering wheel controls listed at the top and you have to activate the feature. If you fail to do this, just try and locate the CIM module menu.

First time when I tried to find the controls in the infotainment menu, seemed Layoira suggested but failed to locate them there. But soon I featured out that it doesn’t mean Layoira was wrong but maybe she used different software than the current version. Another thing for thought is that the CD30 factory radio did work with the steering wheel controls and the DIC display for those wanting to retain their factory radio.

There are basically three factory steering wheels for this car and two of them have steering wheel controls. I found mine on e-bay’s UK site under Vauxhall Astra.

It may cost you some time if you are not familiar with GM Tech2.