VVDI VAG Diagnostic Immo Plus V2.7.9 Free Download

VVDI VAG Diagnostic interface immo plus software has newly upgraded to V2.7.9.

The newest Immo plus V2.7.9 enjoys following advantages:

1. This version needs the newest firmware support
2. New window for make remote function. Use local database, and update online. Support feedback question.
3. Update Immobilizer Data Tool: Add new car for Kiv, Rover, Volvo; update car for VW,Audi ,Skoda, Seat, Fiat, Suzuki
4. Fix some bugs

Free download VVDI VAG interface software in OBD365 webpage.
VVDI VAG Diagnostic IMMO plus free download
How to update VVDI VAG vehicle diagnostic interface to the V2.7.9 ?

1) Download VVDI VAG software: VVDI V2.7.9 Software Free Download
vvdi-v2.7.9.zip(contact us to send, sales@obdii365.com)
2) Users have to use COMMANDER UPDATE software to read out serial number and send it to our after-sales service.
3) We will send back the updating data file, please use COMMANDER UPDATE software to open it
4) Click the button “UPDATE”, then open the data file after a dialog box pops out.
VVDI VAG Diagnostic IMMO plus free download
The VVDI IMMO Plus V2.7.9 Includes the VAG Commander and Tag Key Tool Software. You don’t need to reinstall the two 2 Software separately.

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