Experience with MINI ELM327 Viecar 2.0 Bluetooth

I was looking for a scan tool for my 07 Accord LX V6 when I spotted several of these inexpensive ELM327 scanners that connect the OBD II diagnostic port to phones and PCs. A neat white device that pairs up with Android and Windows using Bluetooth caught my eye. I ordered one for $9.99 with free shipment. After two weeks, the package arrived at my door.

The packaging is minimal. There is a mini CD with software and not much else. The ELM327 Viecar 2.0 device is about the size of a matchbox. There is no manual book with the scanner, but it turns out everything is pretty much plug ‘n play. Plug the scanner to my cars OBDII port, an LED light on it will turn on. Pair it with my Samsung via Bluetooth (Bluetooth pairing password is 0000). Check out an app called Torque on my phone, download it (or put the software in the CD into your phone) and then comes the best part.

Hook it up with my Accord, try to read realtime information and check fault code. It works great. Here are some pictures of how it works:
MINI ELM327 Viecar 2.0 bluetooth MINI ELM327 Viecar 2.0 bluetooth
The ELM327 scanner is designed for cars with OBDII port. If you have an Android or Windows phone that uses Bluetooth, you are good to go. Hope it can help someone. Here is the link: